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झट से
we undertake to pay forthwith the money required
(especially in official use) immediately; without delay.
translation of 'forthwith'
इसी समय
झट से,
A short while later, we heard a distant bugle and 'forthwith' the entire camp marched down.
There is a more pernicious red herring that needs to be smelled out 'forthwith' .
To correct this impression, I stopped making those cracks 'forthwith' .
I will retract my tuition 'forthwith' and find a profession more suited to the quiet dignity of my sunset years.
we undertake to pay 'forthwith' the money required
Neither cost orders, which were made payable 'forthwith' , have been paid.
All arrears owed for Mark's tutoring are to be paid by Mr. Zito 'forthwith' .
It is an evil application, and should be banned 'forthwith' .
In order to ensure the continuing maintenance and supply of water it is essential that all outstanding rates are paid 'forthwith' .
These costs are not payable 'forthwith' but will be paid in any event of the cause.
I have been commanded to return them to the property 'forthwith' so they can be consulted at a moment's notice.
They must rediscover their hunting instincts 'forthwith' .
Sure, the pressure feels real - and, naturally, I will be embarking on the Greek Doctor's diet 'forthwith' .
we undertake to pay 'forthwith' the money required
If he's gotten the word to spin this their way, that dynamic will change 'forthwith' .
Right, well, I am left with no option but to dismiss you 'forthwith' and to insist on your immediate deportation.
We will be taking these golf carts and returning to London 'forthwith' .
He did not claim asylum at the airport because he was afraid that he would be returned 'forthwith' to Malaysia.
It is clear that the Lincoln belongs to Yorkdale and should be returned to it 'forthwith' .
I shall be instructing my bank to cancel my direct debit to them 'forthwith' .
The sum of $43,000 will be paid 'forthwith' to the solicitors of each party.
Property lodged with the creditor has, thereupon, to be returned by him 'forthwith' .
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