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the similarity between the paintings may not be simply fortuitous
happening by accident or chance rather than design.
translation of 'fortuitous'
The goal was the key score, and a rather 'fortuitous' one.
In our analysis, we took advantage of these 'fortuitous' differences by incorporating weather as a categorical factor.
There things might have stayed, except for a rapid and 'fortuitous' concatenation of circumstance and opportunity.
On a similar theme, red is a lucky or 'fortuitous' colour so wedding banquets in Japan tend to have red food included.
By a 'fortuitous' coincidence, it involves some real handcuffs.
This is 'fortuitous' because the acreage of this convention center is unfathomable.
Much of the success of the text is by design, other aspects are by 'fortuitous' accident.
Henry benefitted from several 'fortuitous' breaks of the ball, but took full advantage as King's game began to unravel.
As it turned out, it was rather 'fortuitous' that I had stopped to have a short discussion with Irving.
This 'fortuitous' and timely development supports faculty initiatives.
He laughed to himself as he walked, thinking how lucky he'd been that his prank had had such 'fortuitous' results.
Violence itself becomes a means of reassurance, a 'fortuitous' opportunity through which the strength of re-enforced steel is tested.
Make no mistake this was a hard won if rather 'fortuitous' victory but like recent games it needn't have been so.
It probably arose from the accidental but 'fortuitous' fermentation of grapes from wild vines.
It was rather 'fortuitous' then, to have the Prime Minister himself underline the need for a more direct and reliable land route.
The road to the professional drama circuit was rather 'fortuitous' .
If such evidence surfaces, watch out for another 'fortuitous' destruction of those records.
The loft above the work space was a 'fortuitous' accident that happened during construction.
It had been obtained by one of those 'fortuitous' coincidences that sometimes produce great journalism.
They might have been, too, but for a rather 'fortuitous' penalty awarded with nine minutes remaining.
There is a new chance for planners, councillors and the developer to adjust the approved layout and 'fortuitously' correct the glaring mistakes before it is too late.
It is, as Jane protests, no ‘miracle’, but an accident produced by their 'fortuitously' mesmerizing themselves at the same critical moment.
Such a thinking never lets itself become a doctrine and withdraws totally from the 'fortuitousness' of common opinion.
In starting from the surface, whether it be actual or reflected, Sawyer views such things as choice, understanding, consciousness through a prism of 'fortuitousness' .
Oh - and the apple slice is not lacking in 'fortuitousness' - it exceeded my expectations.
Peak activity is projected to 'fortuitously' occur at or near 4 a.m.
Rarely can two such major exhibitions have coincided so 'fortuitously' to reveal so much about the roots of modern art.
Attributing his career path to 'fortuitousness' is how he deflects the spotlight from his own notable achievement.
These retained needle fragments were unexpected and discovered 'fortuitously' during reflection of the soft tissues of the neck.
Once that point is recognized, quantum mechanics emerges from the principle of genuine 'fortuitousness' combined with the embodiment of spacetime symmetry, without any reference to degrees of freedom of particles or fields.
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