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fortunately, no shots were fired and no one was hurt
it is fortunate that.
translation of 'fortunately '
संयोग से,
भाग्य से,
सैभाग्य से
दैवयोग से,
He was in intensive care for a while, but 'fortunately' is on the mend.
The first lesson of politics is that many memories are short - but, 'fortunately' , not yet too many.
When I was a kid it was almost inevitable that there would be trouble at games and we're 'fortunately' not at that stage yet.
But 'fortunately' I've not had to learn many of these songs, just be reminded of the lyrics.
It would 'fortunately' be impossible for a reviewer to give away all the dramatic shifts of Jorgenson's life.
Finally the agency sent the girl to go and find them, which she 'fortunately' did.
Unfortunately or 'fortunately' , depending on your point of view, they have not come yet.
I just can't get enough wild Scottish mushrooms and, 'fortunately' , there is no shortage.
Her friend's house took a direct hit, but 'fortunately' the family were out.
this sort of thing is 'fortunately' rare
We'd practised him pulling up his sleeve in case he got lost but 'fortunately' it didn't come to that.
My foot slides, I feel rather worried, but 'fortunately' I'm still taking my weight on my arms.
Blemishes of this kind detract from but 'fortunately' do not destroy the excellence of so much else in this welcome volume.
Then there was a lightning flash and another blast, but 'fortunately' for me no sense of any impact.
Errors, 'fortunately' , seldom occur but nonetheless are deeply regretted when they come to light.
The drama that followed is another story, but 'fortunately' the couple returned in a few days.
Another guy in the company, his sister, was on the train and 'fortunately' was not injured.
'fortunately', no shots were fired and no one was hurt
'fortunately', I'd kept the receipt
'fortunately', no shots were fired and no one was hurt
He knows he has to speak English and, 'fortunately' , my Turkish has improved so I can understand him.
There's a lot of competition from other venues on a Saturday night, so 'fortunately' we weren't too busy.
In one case a bed, which 'fortunately' was unoccupied, was scattered with broken glass.
Kids' lit is booming these days, which 'fortunately' means there's a lot to choose from.
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