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this president was the fountainhead of patronage
an original source of something.
translation of 'fountainhead'
मूल कारण,
He is the 'fountainhead' of patronage, which mutes any criticism from his parliamentary caucus.
Inevitably the visitors took more than they gave to Florence, 'fountainhead' of visual and literary culture in the western world.
It is clear that the capital is the 'fountainhead' of the ills that plague the country.
Indeed it is argued that cultural exchange is the 'fountainhead' of global dynamism and the ultimate source of human creativity, human development and material progress.
If conservatives ignore property rights - the 'fountainhead' from which all other liberties flow, including free speech - what hope is there that others will respect them?
The book has developed such a reputation as the 'fountainhead' of fiction that many readers are afraid of tackling it, in case they might fail to understand it.
this president was the 'fountainhead' of patronage
France has arguably more romance per square mile than any other country in Europe, but the pocket of the country for which Carcassonne provides a focal point is the 'fountainhead' of the very notion itself.
Later of course, he went on to be crowned king and become the 'fountainhead' of a 3,000-year dynasty that peppered the land with monuments and legends that nothing in sub-Saharan Africa could match.
This center is the 'fountainhead' of all our animal forces, which can be spiritualized and used for our best advantage by gaining absolute control over this center.
It is something monstrous, the 'fountainhead' of violence.
So I wanted to compare what is at the heart of contemporary commercial culture with Shakespeare, because Shakespeare is, as it were, the 'fountainhead' of contemporary, commercial entertainment.
The ancestors saw the root and source of things: people - each soul a light, each creative mind a 'fountainhead' of potential.
They don't realise that it is the 'fountainhead' of all such unrealistic extremist philosophy.
It was to be the 'fountainhead' of scientific manpower in the decades to come.
These are the feelings and emotions that later became a 'fountainhead' for his writings.
he was the sole 'fountainhead' of advice
In this role they are the organizers of a discovery process rather than 'fountainheads' of incontrovertible knowledge.
Both are treated as though they were 'fountainheads' of truth by many of their supporters.
In history, you will always find that most successful leaders were only spearheads of ideologies, not the 'fountainheads' .
All of our drilled rock 'fountainheads' should be able to tolerate scrubbing with hot, soapy water and rinsing with a mild chlorine bleach solution.
Learned men are the cisterns of knowledge, not the 'fountainheads' .
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