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members of the hunting fraternity
a group of people sharing a common profession or interests.
the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity
the state or feeling of friendship and mutual support within a group.
translation of 'fraternity'
Yet the rest of the movie is keen to the ideals of liberation and 'fraternity' .
Boxes and hunting lodges proliferated in market towns such as Melton Mowbray, where the hunting 'fraternity' would stay throughout the season.
members of the hunting 'fraternity'
Close friendship and 'fraternity' between the gymnasts from the socialist countries prevailed.
At the meeting, there were some who wanted him put on notice that he had violated the protocols of episcopal 'fraternity' by acting as he did.
To his bereft family and friends in the racing 'fraternity' we offer our condolences for their great loss and our appreciation for the memories of this brave young man.
They belong to the Greek Orthodox 'fraternity' , which shares control over the church with other denominations but is the dominant force within the sacred site.
Many noted that the 'fraternity' served the churches through its inculcation of moral virtues and brotherly love.
Freedom, democracy and 'fraternity' are people's slogans and globalization and liberalization are the slogans of imperialism.
Purdue University suspended a 'fraternity' for five years and disciplined two others in April for various infractions during a party and during a fight at the student union.
There is a 'fraternity' of legal professionals in the US who have set up a veritable minefield.
Last month one senior officer told Scotland on Sunday that ‘certain lawyers’ were too close to the criminal 'fraternity' and appeared to believe they were immune to prosecution.
This, he said, had helped ease the poverty levels and called on the Church 'fraternity' to emulate the Catholics' gesture.
I imagine something similar to our hunting 'fraternity' .
The projects themselves were trivial, closer to a test contrived by a college 'fraternity' than a business school, and that was the point.
She said that more than 50 per cent of the population thought hunting should continue, perhaps under licence, which the hunting 'fraternity' would accept.
You do us great honour and your being here shows that it is a bond of friendship, understanding our 'fraternity' .
It has a gay 'fraternity' , a lesbian sorority, and several gay student groups.
I want increased liberty, equality and 'fraternity' , not a diminution of democracy as we are tiptoed into totalitarianism and authoritarianism.
In the cradle of liberty, equality and 'fraternity' , a presidential candidate is accused of bigotry, intolerance and some say anti-Semitism.
The rest of the church 'fraternity' in NZ becomes an easy target, an easy place to direct peoples anger.
The French Revolutionary motto of ‘liberty, 'fraternity' and equality’ is as vivid, over two hundred years after it was written, as any image on the matter.
The Belgian band encapsulated the friendly spirit of 'fraternity' that lies at the heart of folk.
It was about differences. [Interruption] I say to the member opposite, who is ranting, that at that time there was difference between the religious 'fraternity' .
Prior to the senior game going professional, the refereeing 'fraternity' took on board that standards would have to keep pace with the new game and the Rugby Union Referees Panel was formed.
Even the criminal 'fraternity' must be repulsed by this crime and must be setting their minds to exposing the person who did this as soon as possible.
Anyone who has been a member of a sorority or 'fraternity' will be acquainted with some of the letter names.
His continued popularity as a writer is curious, given that he is widely acknowledged, within the historical 'fraternity' , as decidedly second-rate.
Some members of York's criminal 'fraternity' believed the temporary amnesty to be a ‘set up’ and that they would be arrested on sight, and would therefore not be attending.
America's Black college-based 'fraternity' and sorority movement is rapidly approaching two historic milestones.
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