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the fraudulent copying of American software
obtained, done by, or involving deception, especially criminal deception.
translation of 'fraudulent'
धोखा देनेवाला,
He was impeached while in office on account of being involved in a 'fraudulent' loan scam.
They wanted to wait and see whether the passport did prove to be 'fraudulent' .
A counterfeit or 'fraudulent' cashier's check or corporate check is utilized to pay for merchandise.
The scam is only then spotted when the company whose cheque-book has been copied notices a 'fraudulent' withdrawal.
A few months later our school principal lost his life savings in a 'fraudulent' get-rich-quick scheme.
Twenty people have been charged with trying to obtain 'fraudulent' licences to drive tanker trucks.
Thieves pay a stolen or 'fraudulent' cheque into their victim's bank account.
You have launched an attempt to crackdown on 'fraudulent' claims, how much has this saved the industry?
These agencies accept the risk that the original cheque may be 'fraudulent' and to counter this risk they charge an upfront fee.
Early indications are that the data has not, at least yet, been misused to obtain 'fraudulent' loans and credit card accounts.
However, it is always possible that some people present false, 'fraudulent' X-rays.
He began to invent 'fraudulent' investment schemes for rare book and manuscript transactions.
The affair triggered investigations which uncovered 'fraudulent' accounting at several other major companies.
This system is appropriate for reporting suspected unethical or 'fraudulent' activities relating to employees of our company or actions by our company.
It was the most rotten of rotten boroughs, a place where the corrupt, the 'fraudulent' and the freeloaders prospered.
This 'fraudulent' transaction set the stage for the unfortunate chain of events that was to follow.
The result of their efforts was to be arrested by the Fraud Squad for making 'fraudulent' applications.
It appears that crimes involving 'fraudulent' documents are on the increase.
It is another example of the illusion of competition, the 'fraudulent' notion of fairness and equality that is an increasing blight.
The integrity of his claims has been systematically taken apart and exposed as 'fraudulent' .
Letters were then sent to the dealers that were selling the 'fraudulent' whisky, informing them that it was illegal.
But it's wrong to say that every psychic has been exposed as 'fraudulent' .
The best way to avoid unscrupulous or 'fraudulent' brokers is to do your homework beforehand.
It's time to put a stop to these unfair and 'fraudulent' practices which are crippling British farmers.
He is concerned that future elections could be decided by 'fraudulent' voting manipulated by unscrupulous cartels and the like.
I can think of no more obvious example of false and 'fraudulent' patriotism than this.
Police believed the documents were stolen over a period of time, or might have been obtained by 'fraudulent' means.
Misleading or just plain 'fraudulent' health claims abound in cyberspace.
The clever technically-minded crooks who will get false data and 'fraudulent' results.
Investigators say at least two and possibly as many as eight of the hijackers had 'fraudulent' visas.
General Insurance Council to create fraudulent claims data bank
Tatas' Air Asia deal involved Rs 22cr fraudulent payment, says Mistry
Probing fraudulent claims, says AirAsia
AirAsia India says probing fraudulent claims
Three held for fraudulent transfer of money in Ghaziabad
Government admits to cases of fraudulent withdrawal of money through Adhaar
Apple probing fraudulent iTunes transaction in Singapore: Report
Kolkata bank fraud: 37 customers allege fraudulent withdrawals
Bill to protect public from fraudulent financial institutions in Meghalaya
MNRE issues fresh advisory against fraudulent websites
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