English to Hindi Dictionary frustrated


his attempt to frustrate the merger
prevent (a plan or attempted action) from progressing, succeeding, or being fulfilled.
young people get frustrated with the system
feeling or expressing distress and annoyance, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.
translation of 'frustrated'
विफल किया गया,
हरा हुआ
I often found it difficult to bust my moves, and I was 'frustrated' to see how many people were just standing around taking up space.
I'm just 'frustrated' that I'm a fairly competent person who doesn't seem able to get a job, and then there's a bunch of people at this firm getting paid to, er, whatever it is they do.
Louisiana citizens are rightly 'frustrated' and concerned so I want our people to know that I am creating the Family Recovery Corps.
Have I successfully painted my self-indulgent portrait of a 'frustrated' artist yet?
Most lawyers are 'frustrated' writers, actors, comedians or performers of some bent or another.
Many people are understandably 'frustrated' that we have yet to convert this warmonger's biggest crisis into his downfall.
I have always thought that movie critics are 'frustrated' actors & actresses who have neither the talent nor the dedication to become a great actor.
It also implies a sense of tranquil arrival for two people tired of the dreams, the 'frustrated' expectations, and the long search for a loving spouse.
Personally, I am 'frustrated' by the knowledge that I cannot demand more of some of my colleagues.
He is a 'frustrated' writer stuck in a dead-end job working with people he can barely stand for an uncle he can barely stomach.
He admitted years later that the 'frustrated' actor had convincingly pitched himself.
You're 'frustrated' by his repeated failure to accurately use and understand the existing definitions of words.
I didn't want to rain on his parade, so I kept my mouth shut about my 'frustrated' dream of becoming a marine biologist.
Frannie is an English teacher - sexually 'frustrated' and lonely.
You've gotten her so sexually 'frustrated' that she was bound to do SOMETHING about it… or someone.
Working-class people are 'frustrated' because they can't make as much money as they want.
I do not know whether there is a process whereby that very 'frustrated' person can bring his case.
And he kind of got out here and he looked around, and he was a little bit of a 'frustrated' actor.
He says this took place before we were married or even met, but since we have been together, he has not needed to do this unless he was extremely sexually 'frustrated' .
The survey results were presented on upright cards in a grid on the gallery floor, creating a schematic suburb of 'frustrated' dreams.
I joined the flow of talented, 'frustrated' people streaming for the doors.
I have always felt 'frustrated' by this fact.
No doubt her sexuality is often 'frustrated' , as she seems to live alone, but frustration and repression are entirely different things.
And I would rather not live with a sexually 'frustrated' foot fetisher, you know?
Other fake explanations have centred on a supposed 'frustrated' desire for sexual gratification, which entry into paradise will apparently fulfil.
Cassie is also 'frustrated' by the lack of treatments available to her.
I find that the guys in this city are pent-up and sexually 'frustrated' .
In his situation I imagined I would feel angry at lost years and 'frustrated' dreams.
An untrained dog is as unhappy as the 'frustrated' owner.
She had grown 'frustrated' and indulged in passion with the wrong people.
BJP frustrated, so celebrating alliance with BPF: Gogoi
Frustrated Delhiites protest with 'ATM pooja'
Youth work force will be frustrated if jobs not provided: President
S. Africa captain feels frustrated over Dunedin Test draw
Pierce Brosnan was frustrated with his James Bond films
SP leadership frustrated over Lucknow Metro launch: BJP
Sanchez is frustrated, says Wenger
Rita Ora was frustrated with legal battle with Roc Nation
Didi frustrated, petrified at defeat: Modi
Mamata frustrated, petrified in face of defeat: Modi
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