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I sometimes feel like screaming with frustration
the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.
translation of 'frustration'
The atmosphere is of barely restrained aggression and 'frustration' .
This party knows the depth of my commitment to the Middle East peace process and shares my 'frustration' at the lack of progress.
Having lost her trail, the man gave a grunt of 'frustration' and kicked the curb.
A college is aiming to take the 'frustration' out of constructing that flat-pack furniture.
the 'frustration' of their wishes
We can feel the cops' growing 'frustration' as they try to prevent a gang war, even going to illegal lengths to do so.
This approach, while successful in places, can lead to 'frustration' if you are eager to hear the final answer.
One of the little boys kicked in 'frustration' at one of the two perimeter fences that separated him from his father.
Consequently, I wanted to avoid the 'frustration' of the country's restrictive speed limits.
She's accustomed to quicker success, and her 'frustration' is starting to show.
I understand the 'frustration' of the police, who are trying to prevent a possible tragedy.
The stoicism that was largely a media-political construct is already turning to 'frustration' .
I sometimes feel like screaming with 'frustration'
Even though you may experience success, you feel only 'frustration' and hopelessness.
I managed to at least contain my 'frustration' and prevented myself from bursting into a swearing fit.
But they all share a common trait - 'frustration' at the obstacles put in the way of progress.
Some Russian media are speculating that military officers are resigning in 'frustration' .
When he was substituted, the TV cameras even witnessed him kicking out at the dug-out in 'frustration' .
Along with the anger there is 'frustration' at the powerlessness of people of good will to affect this tragic situation or to reverse the broader regional drift toward more war, internal strife, and injustice.
This 'frustration' with the lack of ability to fulfill a certain role may lead to violence.
the 'frustration' of their wishes
My sense is that they may be doing these awful things out of 'frustration' .
The best way to prevent 'frustration' here in China is to manage you expectations.
tears of 'frustration' rolled down her cheeks
Congenital retardation seems to doom many of the retarded individual's interests to 'frustration' .
One theory is that she may have refused to comply with his wishes, adding to his 'frustration' .
Koeman dropped in for a chat and the Dutchman might have mentioned 'frustrations' in the transfer market.
On the other hand, dispatching the form electronically will at least overcome such petty 'frustrations' .
Those 'frustrations' surely are enough to handle without also having to contend with the threat of violence.
But with the humour comes the sort of 'frustrations' one faces if you have aspirations above your status.
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