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acts in furtherance of an industrial dispute
the advancement of a scheme or interest.
translation of 'furtherance'
आगे बढ़ाना
Nine hundred agents will be recruited by September in 'furtherance' of this scheme.
acts in 'furtherance' of an industrial dispute
Any incidental damage done to the national interest in 'furtherance' of that war appears in their eyes to be for the greater good.
In our submission, it would not apply because the document, which merely evidenced the purpose, would not itself be in 'furtherance' of the contravention.
It is necessary in 'furtherance' of his interests.
The elites are banking and relying on our complicity for the maintenance and 'furtherance' of empire.
Well - they were mixed gender mini-marathons in 'furtherance' of government policy of encouraging sporting events for women.
Your analysis of the United States' interests and its actions in 'furtherance' of them from 1945 to 1991 is correct, as ever.
He played a very important role in the emergence and 'furtherance' of ecumenical teaching and thought.
The Italian Presidency will continue to support the efforts that these countries make in 'furtherance' of their European aspirations.
Since he's already agreed to help you, he'll feel obligated to give up a player in 'furtherance' of his assistance.
the court held that the union's acts were not in 'furtherance' of a trade dispute
in 'furtherance' of their own ambitions
Is something being done for him for which, in the course or 'furtherance' of a business carried on by him, he has had to pay a consideration which has attracted Value Added Tax?
I see the merit in their argument too, particularly in light of certain cases where judges have made awful decisions in 'furtherance' of their principles.
In 'furtherance' of this idea, the administration last year poured financial and political resources into a foredoomed mission of passing three Police Reform Bills.
Members of Congress do not wish to be seen to be challenging the head of state when he says he is acting in 'furtherance' of pressing national interest.
When we felt we had no life left within us for 'furtherance' of the battle, somehow, the knowledge of the magnificent prize that awaited us gave us both strength that no man had seen nor felt before.
We have taken this action in 'furtherance' of that view.
Certain statutes provide wide powers for local authorities to use contracts in 'furtherance' of policy.
Instead, the neocons were depicted as fanatical ideologues, with no mention of their roots in the business community or their 'furtherance' of corporate interests.
In 'furtherance' to their objectives, it behooved them to try to convince the rest of the world to accept the U.S. as the one provider of security forces for the rest of the world.
As I see it there are five major contributions we expect of the university in 'furtherance' of the policy of self-reliance and socialism.
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