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Long-term use may increase your risk of gastrointestinal or urinary tract bleeding.
of or relating to the stomach and the intestines.
translation of 'gastrointestinal'
Long-term use may increase your risk of 'gastrointestinal' or urinary tract bleeding.
We now have no place to clean the endoscopes used by our large 'gastrointestinal' endoscopy service.
No trial specifically defined or reported serious adverse events such as 'gastrointestinal' bleeding or renal impairment.
It's no better at pain relief and no easier on the 'gastrointestinal' mucosa than other drugs in its class, they say.
Firstly, we controlled for antecedents of upper 'gastrointestinal' disorders, including dyspepsia.
The esophagus is now considered the site most often involved in the 'gastrointestinal' tract.
He was admitted to a local hospital and underwent an upper 'gastrointestinal' endoscopy.
Colonoscopy is the most accurate method of imaging the lower 'gastrointestinal' tract.
No other lesions were recognized in the 'gastrointestinal' tract or elsewhere in the body.
Secondly, mothers could have misreported respiratory infection and 'gastrointestinal' disorders.
Other sites of infection were the urinary tract, chest and 'gastrointestinal' tract.
The investigation of choice is endoscopy of the upper 'gastrointestinal' tract.
A wide range of 'gastrointestinal' disorders may cause chronic diarrhoea in childhood.
A 'gastrointestinal' nurse practitioner could do this screening.
Absorption of alcohol from the 'gastrointestinal' tract is equally rapid among all age groups.
When you hold in gas, it migrates backward through your 'gastrointestinal' tract.
The only side effects were 'gastrointestinal' , the major one being early vomiting.
In Italy and France, for example, blood donors are turned away if they have had a recent 'gastrointestinal' endoscopy.
Results of upper 'gastrointestinal' endoscopy and colonoscopy were normal.
Another quarter of cases are precipitated by haemorrhage in the 'gastrointestinal' tract.
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