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the photographer gatecrashed the 2000 wedding in New York
enter (a party or other gathering) without an invitation or ticket.
translation of 'gatecrashed'
निमंत्रण के बिना आना,
अनिमंत्रित आना,
बुलावे के बिना आना
The celebrities won, not because of any right to privacy or abuse of an image right, rather because the wedding was seen as a private occasion which was 'gatecrashed' by people who later acted in breach of a duty of confidence.
The angelic party 'gatecrashed' their night watch and the angels invited them to join the revelry.
According to the introductory spiel, this 2002 gig was a private party 'gatecrashed' by a few thousand fans.
He had his recent 18th birthday party 'gatecrashed' by a huge number of people and as a result had to close down the party much earlier than he would have otherwise.
In the evening they 'gatecrashed' the wedding party and again beat up several guests.
On sitting in a pub she got a text from her flatmate about a party in Clapham which we decided it would be a laugh to go to since we both hadn't 'gatecrashed' a party in years.
I was lucky - I 'gatecrashed' some auditions that an agency was holding and got on their books.
Somewhere in the bleary early hours of last Friday morning, a bunch of jubilant strangers 'gatecrashed' the victory party of Labour's newest MP.
Detectives also now believe the men had first attended an earlier party nearby and intended to 'gatecrash' the function in the scout hut.
Back in England, he bought a 600 cc motorbike with hippie flowers painted on the sidecar, which was enough of a babe-magnet to impress his future wife, whom he met after 'gatecrashing' a party.
He must also demonstrate the merger is more beneficial than succumbing to someone trying to 'gatecrash' the party.
Put all this together and the surprise is not that India is 'gatecrashing' the elite superpower league, but that it has not happened earlier.
2004 is a big year, stepping up to play with the big boys on a level playing field, no longer the young whipper snapper who got to 'gatecrash' the elite party.
It's especially good if you're 'gatecrashing' a victory party for a football team and get to do a lap of honour around the bar with the trophy.
‘No problem’ I said, ‘I've got a few things to do, then maybe I could 'gatecrash' your party later on?’
I got the distinct impression that I was pretty much 'gatecrashing' my own birthday party.
Ejected from the bar late at night, I find myself 'gatecrashing' a 21st birthday party.
You can 'gatecrash' other actors' parties over here, which you'd never do in London.
They asked him to drive to Portman Square, near Oxford Street, intending to 'gatecrash' a party but they made off without paying, the jury heard.
When teams from outside the elite 'gatecrash' the party the favoured clubs pick apart their squads to ensure no repetition.
When Vishal Dadlani, Mandira Bedi gatecrashed a wedding
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