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भू राजनीतिक
It has maintained diplomatic and 'geopolitical' influence in those countries via arms sales and economic aid.
Involved in the rail deal are important 'geopolitical' relations.
Thatcher set out to redraw the domestic political map as the 'geopolitical' map of Europe was being transformed.
In three of the six largest oil-producing countries oil supplies are at risk due to 'geopolitical' factors.
If it is an international group, does it regularly criticize abuses by governments of all political persuasions and 'geopolitical' alignments?
All of this unfolds within the context of a worldwide struggle by the great powers for economic influence and 'geopolitical' power.
The 'geopolitical' uncertainties impacting the international oil economy do not show any signs of waning.
Each country within Europe is now compelled to reexamine its place in the new world order and make a fresh evaluation of its 'geopolitical' options.
It emerged from the Cold War the only superpower, and no 'geopolitical' or ideological contenders are in sight.
The Franco-German relationship was challenged by 'geopolitical' change in Europe following the collapse of communism.
Indeed, it may be the charts that are beginning to factor in a negative 'geopolitical' scenario.
What does this show us about the character of the current administration, its 'geopolitical' thinking, and its long-term aims?
Corporations will raise the importance of 'geopolitical' factors when they invest around the world.
Kissinger had in mind the 'geopolitical' balance of power and the new centrality of international economics that complicated diplomacy.
Back in October 1978 they weren't predicting the eventual 'geopolitical' influence of John Paul II.
The other factors were 'geopolitical' issues such as the threat of terrorism and global economic uncertainties.
The basic factors that shaped our 'geopolitical' environment during the Cold War era have changed.
To place Wiesenthal's work in context, it is necessary to examine these 'geopolitical' shifts in policy in the postwar period.
A variety of economic and 'geopolitical' factors are causing a noticeable convergence of French and German positions.
The space shuttle also continued to serve a 'geopolitical' function within the context of the Cold War.
Changing 'geopolitics' and enlargement to the east profoundly alters the context within which it is played out.
The British 'geopolitician' advocated the idea that a continental Heartland power would constitute the main threat to Western coastal and insular powers.
Writing this type of novel requires considerable knowledge of 'geopolitics' , weaponry, and espionage techniques.
What I did do was argue that Haushofer put 'geopolitics' on the American intellectual radar screen, if inadvertently.
Every now and then, 'geopolitics' seems to leave the realm of the real and venture into the terrain of overwrought fiction or even unhinged cinematics.
In 'geopolitics' , possession-by-domination is nine-tenths of the law; demography is political destiny.
The national interest is too important to leave solely to the 'geopoliticians' .
The financial markets remain incredibly complacent about an oil market which is tighter and more 'geopolitically' threatened than it may have ever been in decades.
The 'geopolitics' of it are even more awful to contemplate.
It will soon lead to military intervention in the name of righting wrong, in 'geopolitically' specific places.
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