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Above us, waterfalls tumbled down the mountainside from glaciers that hung over the lip of high cols.
a slowly moving mass or river of ice formed by the accumulation and compaction of snow on mountains or near the poles.
translation of 'glacier'
बर्फ़ का दरिया,
तुषार नदी,
The moderately steep walk rewards you with wonderful views of the 'glacier' and the mountains.
They had to cross the mountains, 'glaciers' and snowfields to reach the whaling station on the other side.
He could see the snowy land in the distance followed by icy mountains and 'glaciers' .
There are 'glaciers' , alpine mountains, sandy beaches - it's quite extraordinary.
The widespread retreat is all the more notable because tropical mountain 'glaciers' are old.
He said the 'glaciers' in the mountains of Europe now are crumbling due to global warming.
Unlike the floating ice shelves, thinning 'glaciers' contribute to global sea-level rise.
The drier northern section is largely covered with ice caps while 'glaciers' are common at the more humid southern end.
The site tracks the waxing and waning of snow cover, 'glaciers' , sea ice, and ice shelves.
Ice sheets, 'glaciers' and underground lakes and rivers carry the rest.
It is true that in some areas glaciers are retreating, but the venues for the Winter Olympics rely more on snow fields than 'glaciers' .
Snow, 'glaciers' and ice flows feed these large ice sheets in the colder months.
Nowhere in the world would one find such a high concentration of huge mountains, peaks, 'glaciers' and passes.
The mountain range has 3,200 'glaciers' with hundreds of millions of cubic metres of snow.
It is a country dominated by high peaks and wide flat stretches of lava field, powerful waterfalls and creaking 'glaciers' .
How many people will still travel to the mountain if the 'glaciers' are gone?
As well, 'glaciers' that supply the rivers with much of their water are melting and retreating faster.
It is the land of lakes, 'glaciers' and waterfalls shedding their endless charm forever.
We were rewarded next day with brilliant sunshine over a vista of 'glaciers' , bergs, mountains and a sea so dazzling it seemed unreal.
Above us, waterfalls tumbled down the mountainside from 'glaciers' that hung over the lip of high cols.
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