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translation of 'globalization'
The sector is 'globalising' , and competition is fierce.
Well, we've been 'globalizing' our economy for 50 years.
The past two decades have seen businesses 'globalising' mostly under duress.
They argue that the economic benefits of euro membership far outweigh loss of sovereignty - which they say is anyway ebbing away as the world economy 'globalises' .
By 'globalizing' the culture war, it scratches an itch that's been driving social conservatives nuts since the collapse of the old Soviet Union.
The greatest threat of globalisation is to diversity, or, biodiversity, to use a truly 'globalised' word.
But it is increasingly possible - it's not just goods that are 'globalised' .
What needs to be 'globalised' is knowledge and understanding.
The values of freedom and fairness must become the transparent motivation for 'globalising' the world and not the current motivators, greed and exploitation.
The moment the debate was publicized on the Internet, it was 'globalized' .
However they will need to adapt to a world that has become more complex and 'globalised' since they left office.
The world is too 'globalized' , too interconnected, too interdependent to allow for that.
As markets 'globalise' , European exchanges will need to merge with their European rivals or risk oblivion.
We are 'globalised' , but have no real intimacy with the rest of the world
fears about the increasing 'globalization' of the world economy
The casualties, in our wonderfully varied city, are as 'globalised' as the ideology that caused them.
I can only assume that they've found a way to carry on 'globalising' without these issues mattering - probably because technology has reduced the cost of reversioning.
Their participation is part a masterplan to 'globalise' football.
Ireland is arguably the most 'globalised' society in the world.
In my terms, bureaucratic bourgeoisies often turn into 'globalizing' bureaucrats, politicians, and professionals with a little help from their friends in the transnational capitalist class.
The words of the poets, and the beat and rhyme of hip hop are just as much about 'globalizing' liberation and resisting corporate rule as are tree-sits and boycotts and student activist clubs.
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