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smiling and gracious in defeat
courteous, kind, and pleasant.
I am saved by God's gracious intervention on my behalf
(in Christian belief) showing divine grace.
Well, good gracious me, I was very pleasantly surprised.
expressing polite surprise.
translation of 'gracious'
It is slander upon the loving character of a tender, 'gracious' heavenly Father and has done untold harm to the Christian cause.
Sean was a pleasant, courteous and 'gracious' neighbour who could always be relied on to lend a helping hand.
With refurbishment, this property has the potential to become a stylish and 'gracious' home.
After all, knowing how to dance was a social necessity as important as having good manners and being a 'gracious' hostess.
While Jesus dwelt among men His glory was manifested in his 'gracious' words and miraculous acts.
Oh good 'gracious' , was Faith in love too?
Thank God, then, for his 'gracious' call - for if you belong to Christ it is as a result of his effectual calling.
Fabrics embellished with elegant cuts, graceful falls and rich hues to 'gracious' and sober tones are those best suited for the special occasions.
Although disappointed, she was 'gracious' in defeat, praising her opponent, who is rapidly becoming the player to beat in the women's game.
And, of course, her majesty, the queen, and Prince Philip, were very 'gracious' and generous and nice to us when we stayed there.
In many ways we have fallen into a similar pattern of disobedience, and need the 'gracious' intervention of God to deliver us from spiritual and moral decay.
On 16 November 2002, the members and many friends of the church met to give thanks to God for his 'gracious' provision of a building of their own and to dedicate it to his service.
The 'gracious' King Louis XVI signed over one million dollars in arms and munitions.
Okay, there may be some oldies who say the age of 'gracious' living and letters or cards written with your own hand are more personalised, and I agree.
The 'gracious' God allowed Adam and Eve to live, though he banished them from the Garden of Eden.
If this is the best they can do, I weep for the future of 'gracious' living.
The day ended with tea on the terrace and following this taste of 'gracious' living all dispersed, with every intention of making a return visit before too many months have passed.
Only when we give alms, fast, and pray with the spirit of Jesus and God's 'gracious' presence do we please God.
My sister, the 'gracious' hostess that she is, asks if they would like to stay for dinner.
Boil it down and that's my calling - to announce the 'gracious' lordship of Jesus Christ.
The last was the manifestation of true religion - genuinely 'gracious' affections - in Christian practice.
Our stories speak about past failure and the reception of God's 'gracious' salvation through Jesus Christ.
To their credit they never gave up trying and were equally 'gracious' in defeat as in victory.
It is enough to know that our 'gracious' God has his plan - and by his grace we are at the heart of it, in Christ.
Simon was 'gracious' in defeat, but he couldn't mask the disappointment he felt.
Kate's pleasant and 'gracious' manner made her a firm favourite in the neighbourhood.
Their players and mentors were 'gracious' in defeat.
They would enjoy His salvation and live under the blessings of His 'gracious' rule.
Here is a room designed for comfort, yet 'gracious' and formal enough for hosting even the most important parties.
Well, good 'gracious' me, I was very pleasantly surprised.
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