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smokers who worked here before the ban have been grandfathered
exempt (someone or something) from a new law or regulation.
His grandmother was a singer, both his grandfather and father were principal dancers and his mother danced in the corps.
the father of one's father or mother.
translation of 'grandfather'
Indeed the 'grandfather' of genetics is Mendel, a monk who lived in Brno, now in the Czech Republic.
The 'grandfather' of three has concerns about the quality of education for the next generation.
His father's father fought in the First World War, while his 'grandfather' on his mother's side saw service in the Boer War.
Finbar spends one Saturday every month with his father, his 'grandfather' and his great-grandfather.
He still writes for newspapers and describes himself principally as a journalist, but to the rest of us he is the 'grandfather' of chat.
You'd call him the grandfather of stand-up comedy, if 'grandfather' didn't seem altogether too cosy.
It is believed that the girls had been visiting their 'grandfather' with their mother from Pakistan.
Freud is often called the 'grandfather' of psychoanalysis
The field belonged to my 'grandfather' and my father built our bungalow on the land in 1953.
His 'grandfather' 's medals clinked as the old man brought his right hand smartly up in a salute.
I speak to you as a father, as a 'grandfather' , and most of all as someone who cares deeply about all of you.
The 'grandfather' of the family is in charge of the hotel's small shop.
He was indeed politically aware, since his 'grandfather' and father were both MPs and his wife was the daughter of another.
I grew up in a musical environment, with my 'grandfather' and father leading me.
Freud is often called the 'grandfather' of psychoanalysis
As the patriarch of the family, my 'grandfather' commanded an enormous amount of respect.
His grandmother was a singer, both his 'grandfather' and father were principal dancers and his mother danced in the corps.
NSR involves changes to pre-1977 power plants that were 'grandfathered' under the Clean Air Act.
Her father and 'grandfathers' were Presbyterian ministers.
My father and both my 'grandfathers' were musicians and two of them played the trombone and one the tuba!
His family travelled up, his 'grandfathers' , father, brothers and friends, and they all made Matt's day very special for him.
I like many things about this book, but not the picture of Mr Foot, looking very old, haggard and 'grandfatherly' , on the dust jacket.
The Herbert Hoover library was 'grandfathered' into the system by the Libraries Act.
Despite the 'grandfatherly' attire, there is no doubt that I am in the presence of a master.
The bill 'grandfathers' any existing systems, so no-one will get cut off.
The commission also phased out line sharing for new customers over three years, although it temporarily 'grandfathered' all existing line sharing arrangements.
He has such a genial, 'grandfatherly' manner that criminals seem genuinely relieved to be able to confess to him.
Sailors with 10 or more years of service as of July 1 will be 'grandfathered' , allowing them to remain on active duty to reach retirement eligibility.
Historically, 'grandfathers' or fathers would take the kids fishing, even if it was just to the local burn or pond, but that rarely happens now.
You just have to treat other people in a grandmotherly or 'grandfatherly' fashion.
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