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Yes, women's liberation has given us choices that our grandmothers and even mothers could only dream of, but it has its downside too.
the mother of one's father or mother.
translation of 'grandmother'
लालन-पालन करना,
लाड़ प्यार करना,
सिर चढ़ाना
Twin brothers have been left with their 'grandmother' by a mother who can no longer feed them.
Police are searching for a 'grandmother' who went missing with her two young grandsons.
As a child he lived with his mother, his 'grandmother' and a half brother in Domachevo.
my 'grandmother' is ill
Grandparents, particularly 'grandmothers' , cared for the offspring of married sons or daughters.
Toys were generally restricted to gifts from my parents or from the 'grandmothers' .
She has that annoying 'grandmotherly' ability to comfort a baby just by entering the room.
The 'grandmothers' cheered as Jon caught his child and its mother in his arms.
If you're over a certain age, say 75, and you have a sweet 'grandmotherly' voice, you may be able to call them ‘dear’ and ‘honey’ with impunity.
The only difference is that most of them are now 'grandmothers' like myself and we are usually to be seen with our precious grandchildren in tow.
Some of my friends and patients nostalgically recall spending happy days off school with mothers and 'grandmothers' .
Then my grandmother, in true 'grandmotherly' fashion, marched into her local bookseller and demanded to be told what the young people were reading these days.
There were young mothers and 'grandmothers' , all fussing over their children.
I had grandfathers and 'grandmothers' and cousins and uncles and aunties, everyone was there.
The responsibility for looking after the children falls to their mothers and 'grandmothers' .
It's from our 'grandmothers' and our grandfathers that we've learned about the land.
Of course, women's lives are very different to those of their 'grandmothers' .
In extended families, grandparents, especially 'grandmothers' , provide a good deal of child care.
Barbara, meanwhile, came into her own at last as an extremely popular first lady who made the most of her 'grandmotherly' image.
In addition, single working mothers leave many a child in the hands of 'grandmothers' and aunts.
I can almost hear a 'grandmotherly' voice telling me that it's no way to get rid of a cold.
I did not know either of my 'grandmothers' , but my mother was such a wonderful one to my children.
The age range there is from young mothers to great 'grandmothers' .
Perhaps one day they will be able, like their 'grandmothers' before the revolution, to walk the streets with their hair uncovered.
Younger women can now navigate their way through a much wider range of life choices than their mothers and 'grandmothers' .
Yes, women's liberation has given us choices that our 'grandmothers' and even mothers could only dream of, but it has its downside too.
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