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she expressed her gratitude to the committee for their support
the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.
translation of 'gratitude'
The club has extended their sincere 'gratitude' to all that support the weekly lotto.
As a return of 'gratitude' , he is willing to share a large percentage of the sum with you.
She recalls with 'gratitude' the acts of generosity and courage to which she owes her life.
A great evening was had by all and he expressed his 'gratitude' to the people of the Parish.
On the whole there was little evidence of 'gratitude' towards the Coalition.
she expressed her 'gratitude' to the committee for their support
What promised to be a miserable evening turned out to be one of sweet 'gratitude' .
Pay compliments often but sincerely and show people 'gratitude' whenever appropriate.
Now you have an idea of the ecstatic 'gratitude' I have been feeling since I returned.
We want to express our 'gratitude' for their trust and for letting us manage the initial steps of the investigation.
As a result of these victories, each man had the admiration of the world and the undying 'gratitude' of his nation.
Ken would like to extend sincere 'gratitude' to all who voted for him during the competition.
She wrote to me expressing her 'gratitude' for the help I had given her in Denmark.
He realised his life since had been wasted on drugs and wanted to express 'gratitude' to the police for having caught him.
she expressed her 'gratitude' to the committee for their support
All farmers expressed a deep sense of 'gratitude' for the thought given by the club.
They also expressed 'gratitude' to supporters who wrote to their MPs and members of the House of Lords.
We should show our 'gratitude' to medical science and acknowledge the role of animals in modern medicine.
Olivia expressed her 'gratitude' for the grant, which will be used to pay just some of her fees.
When I look at him today, I feel this tremendous sense of respect and 'gratitude' for what he did.
The 'gratitude' should be expressed and the stories told while you are here to enjoy them.
Many sailors visited the area while on leave to meet local people and express their 'gratitude' .
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