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a bitter wind blew from the northeast, and the bombers were grounded
prohibit or prevent (a pilot or an aircraft) from flying.
the larger ships grounded on the riverbed at low tide
(with reference to a ship) run or go aground.
every child needs a good grounding in science and technology
basic training or instruction in a subject.
translation of 'grounding'
उड़ान की समाप्ति,
तट पर आगमन,
मूल-सिद्धांतों की पूर्ण शिक्षा
पूर्ण रूप की प्रारम्मिक शिक्षा,
अस्तर की कार्य
every child needs a good 'grounding' in science and technology
And I think, first of all, it is a 'grounding' in the basic facts of human nutrition, which I think people need to know because there's so much craziness out there today.
But for the ones who could cope I think it was an excellent 'grounding' in the subject.
For those who are new to the joys and traumas of tuning then this will give a thorough 'grounding' in the subject.
He agrees that any reasonably intelligent and communicative pairing of instructor and disabled diver should be able to sort out most problems, given a basic 'grounding' in special diving skills.
It was mind-numbing stuff but it gave us the basic 'grounding' in rugby skills.
There are many such texts and I assume that the readers have a 'grounding' in that subject.
Talk of giving primary school children a basic 'grounding' in science is fanciful if we cannot find enough teachers at second level to teach maths and physics.
But then I realise that without a basic 'grounding' in sociobiology, I would likely think the very same.
Yes, simulation can teach you stuff, but you have to have a solid 'grounding' in basics before it helps you.
Between my mom and the brigade of little old ladies from Tower 2, I had a solid 'grounding' in the basics of knitting.
My encounters in India will give me a real 'grounding' of experience and knowledge before I start at university.
His 'grounding' was a basic training in technical and commercial art in a New York art school on the GI Bill.
We give them a practical 'grounding' in subjects like computers, maths and communications as well as workshops related to the transition to third level.
every child needs a good 'grounding' in science and technology
This omnibus of three classic studies provides a basic 'grounding' for scholars of India's maritime history.
It's just a beginning, but it does provide an essential 'grounding' in the basic knowledge professionals need.
In his view the pupils received an excellent 'grounding' in the key subjects of reading, writing and arithmetic, and if they passed Proficiency and then left school they had the basic skills to enter the workforce.
In conclusion, this is a helpful guide for those wishing to get a basic 'grounding' in typical minor piece sacrifices.
This course provides a valuable introduction to the theoretical 'groundings' and to the practical realities of Composition Studies.
In this maelstrom, in which the migrant soul had no way to learn or value nature, the only 'groundings' were those of wealth, materialism, humanism, violence and conquest.
These 'groundings' probably contributed to the comprehensiveness of his economic thought.
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