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this small town fell to the guerrillas
a member of a small independent group taking part in irregular fighting, typically against larger regular forces.
translation of 'guerrilla'
कूट युद्ध,
गोरिल्ला युद्ध,
छापामार युद्ध
छापेमार आंदोलन,
छापेमार लड़ाई,
गुरिल्लाओं का
Several small actions took place - street theatre, 'guerrilla' gardening, sitdowns.
All this 'guerrilla' artwork reflected the widespread belief that it was the IRA that had pulled off the heist.
These days, a friendship with Pete Doherty and a habit of 'guerrilla' gigging virtually guarantee success.
We're 'guerrilla' publishers: you see a gap and fill it to as high a standard as possible.
'guerrilla' warfare
Here's one for luck, a deadly nicotine tea used for the mass destruction of aphids by 'guerrilla' gardeners.
The 'guerrilla' gigs and the reduced-price gigs are an extension of this philosophy, and an attempt to form a community.
In the rush to war, the Western Coalition was not prepared for the 'guerilla' warfare they're now faced with.
During the eighteenth century, the Sikhs had to fight a 'guerilla' war against huge forces.
By taking care of routine policing and security, they will free the US army to conduct raids and fight the 'guerrillas' .
They were transformed into a both a modern 'guerilla' force, and a terror outfit.
It was system of indirect control, with the US constantly fighting low level 'guerilla' warfare with special forces.
Many innocent civilians have been caught in the middle of a war between the country's military and the 'guerillas' .
The military power employed went beyond American troops engaged in fighting 'guerillas' .
The accepted ratio of government forces to 'guerrillas' is often cited as 10:1.
The US is concerned that the weapons are intended for domestic militias or foreign 'guerillas' .
Russian forces have been fighting the separatist 'guerrillas' on and off since 1994.
The US military estimated about 100 'guerrillas' had been killed in the assault.
In practice this has been an inefficient way of aiding the country's fight against left-wing 'guerrillas' .
Rebel 'guerrillas' would be tracked, then intercepted before reaching their targets.
This program forced civilians to take sides and served to increasingly isolate 'guerillas' from popular support.
He promised a massive military response to the 'guerillas' with a budget of a billion dollars and a million men enlisted as volunteers.
State news agency MIA said the 'guerrillas' were opening fire from a Tetovo suburb.
The regiment has long experience in Yemen, where it fought against 'guerrillas' in the 1960s.
When you're fighting 'guerrillas' , or terrorists, the enemy is quite literally hydra-headed.
It was the first major strategic attack carried out by a 'guerilla' force and the attackers came from within as well as without our society.
It's not like Russia where you can retreat and retreat - you hole up and fight a 'guerilla' war, or you run out of country.
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