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आधे रास्ते
he stopped halfway down the passage
at or to a point equidistant between two others.
translation of 'halfway'
बीच रास्ते में,
आधे मार्ग में
आधे मार्ग में होनेवाला
Summerbee has been a major factor in the club's surge into the play-off places as the season approaches the 'halfway' mark.
Keep going with the article, it starts slow but about 'halfway' down starts getting into the real meaning.
This fine pitch is roughly 'halfway' between Headley's Bridge and Knocknagoshel.
I've been to gigs where I wanted the set to go on all night, gigs where I left 'halfway' through the support act.
She was about 'halfway' through the class period when she felt a tap on her shoulder.
There are some female stars past the 'halfway' mark in their lives who can still sell out world tours.
It drives you insane because, 'halfway' through, you switch to the night shift.
Even when I got home 'halfway' through the night last night I was still on cloud nine.
At that time of day, of course, the ferry was already almost 'halfway' to Montserrat.
You are in the middle of a meeting with the boss, or 'halfway' through a lip-smacking meal.
I'm past the 'halfway' mark, it's going to be finished and I am going to get out!
Perhaps they just got kind of bored around the 'halfway' mark, and decided to ship.
The orienteering course its members were on was at about the 'halfway' point of the race.
At best the sound was 'halfway' decent, along the lines of a typical cell phone call.
That was back in the days when they awarded prizes to stuff that was 'halfway' entertaining and interesting.
Everyone knows that the only reason I sound like a 'halfway' decent singer is that I have a great band with me to cover my bad notes.
It would easily take a week, if they had no problems, to climb those mountains and reach a 'halfway' mark.
I felt I should no more drop out 'halfway' than a junior officer would have hung back when ordering his troops to go over the top.
That wasn't a bad place to pitch if you really knew how to pitch and had 'halfway' decent control.
The club now boasts 606 members in total with the 'halfway' mark of the 1500 target hovering into view.
Dressed like a dosser, he shuffles about, teaching Caviezel how to make banal lines sound 'halfway' decent.
By the time we reached the 'halfway' point of the climb, our water supply was gone.
He also mentions some 'halfway' decent Manc acts like Roger, Bynatone, Nylon Pylon and Double Grey.
It may also make sense to add another crossing pipe 'halfway' uphill of the one that washed out.
He was already 'halfway' across the open-plan lawn, discarding his clothes to reveal an all-over tan.
So anyone can see why my attention was dwindling about 'halfway' through first period.
Restaurants actually started to offer 'halfway' decent veggie food.
These issues should be easy and cheap to find in any comic store with a 'halfway' decent back stock.
By the time he reached the bottom of the stairs, Chris was already 'halfway' to the door.
After the concert, the storm was so intense my dad had to pull over 'halfway' home.
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