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the traditional handicrafts of this region
a particular skill of making decorative objects by hand.
translation of 'handicraft'
'handicraft' workshops
teachers of drawing, design, and 'handicraft'
An emblem to commemorate the region's 'handicrafts' would be launched during the silver jubilee year celebrations of the Union Territory's independence.
Traditional products and 'handicrafts' will be the best buys, and the night will be alive with beauty contests and other entertainment.
Well-known as the ‘Father of Taiwanese handicraft,’ Yan juggled teaching, painting and making 'handicrafts' .
Most of the traditional 'handicrafts' of the country have been neglected for a long time and are on the verge of extinction.
From August 4-13, the centre will be showcasing the rich tradition of 'handicrafts' of the Santhal communities of Birbhum.
The creations of artisans of the traditional and exclusive 'handicrafts' of Burdwan of West Bengal are on display-cum-sale at Ravindra Bharathi.
The exhibition was aimed at popularising traditional 'handicrafts' of the State and help in improving the earnings of artisans.
Visitors can find trade in both modern products and traditional crafts, such as bamboo and wood 'handicrafts' .
Debnath hailed the state industries department for extending all co-operations to him to become the first official exporter of the 'handicrafts' from Tripura.
Just when the situation looked bleak, artisans found that there was a lucrative domestic market for all kinds of 'handicrafts' .
Making jewelry and cutting precious stones also are traditional 'handicrafts' in Gujarat.
Other 'handicrafts' include woodcarving and basketry.
This push for the sector comes at a time when the realisation has dawned that 'handicrafts' have to get its bread and butter from the domestic market.
Interestingly, the show is organised to popularise traditional 'handicrafts' and help improve the earnings of artisans.
There is more for 'handicrafts' lovers with Gujarat Emporium, Mylapore hosting an exhibition of Gujarat handiworks at Sankara Hall, Alwarpet.
A few villagers come in for the day to ply more traditional 'handicrafts' .
Besides the traditional 'handicrafts' , the exhibition also has cosmetic items, motorcycles, tyres and electronic items.
Spices, meats, vegetables, cloth, traditional 'handicrafts' , and imported products jostle for space in the crowded booths and alleyways.
The signboard with its peeling paint and the cheerless showroom near the Overbridge, with a modest collection of 'handicrafts' in wood is not something that would catch your eye.
What can be seen are pictures of Indonesian people, nature and 'handicrafts' from several of Indonesia's regions.
A variety of traditional 'handicrafts' are made within the household or by specialists.
At most 'handicrafts' exhibitions, exotically designed folding fans are invariably among the interesting articles on display in the stalls.
Export figures for Indian 'handicrafts' are rising but craftspersons are at the crossroads, beset with poverty and illness.
In Kwazulu Natal, Africa, a 'handicrafts' workshop has afforded rural women economic self-sufficiency and self-esteem.
While the domestic market has been slow to appreciate the Indian 'handicrafts' , the global market already has.
At the display event this year, there were student teams marketing Ayurvedic medicines and tourism, in addition to furniture, 'handicrafts' and antiques.
A gap appeared, and soon became a gulf, when modern industry arose in the West and when imperial conquest ruined many traditional 'handicrafts' .
Some of these traditional 'handicrafts' , such as pottery and basket weaving, are caste-based activities and tend to be more utilitarian than decorative.
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