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handwoven linens
made on a hand-operated loom.
Traditional crafts have also had a long tradition of importance for items such as pottery, 'handwoven' cloth, carved stools, raffia baskets, and gold jewelry.
She specialises in delicate 'handwoven' textiles.
One finds jewelry, baskets, pottery, 'handwoven' fabrics, glass paintings, and woodcarvings.
Other crafts include lacquerware, 'handwoven' carpets, handprinted textiles, and tie-dyed fabrics.
Romanian traditional, or peasant costumes, are made from 'handwoven' linen.
He said the tapis, indicative of the region's distinctive textiles and only found in Lampung, was made from basic 'handwoven' fabric, using handspun yarn and rich natural dyes of deep blue, warm yellow and rusty brown from the mahogany bark.
Only, hand-spun and 'handwoven' cloth can be used for a national flag.
The 'handwoven' fabric, seamed down the center, is embellished over the entire surface with floral sprays and baskets of flowers and has a rare woven border of three shades of indigo.
Rich traditions of decorative art, such as silver jewelry, embroidered garments, 'handwoven' textiles, and architectural decor, are still practiced.
Thai crafts include 'handwoven' silk and cotton, woodcarvings, silverwork, basketry, and lacquerware.
It still has all the cachet of being a 'handwoven' , craftsman's fabric but it is now being produced in lighter weights, in wilder colours and being turned into stunning outfits.
With black 'handwoven' cloth wrapped round his head, this elderly Miao man looks satisfied with his life of hawking deep-fried dough cake.
Fortunately, on our return to Riga, the pleasures of a spectacular Sunday street market, with everything from 'handwoven' linens to smoked fish to live ducks, held in front of the Dom, eased the transition back to reality.
They are erected on wooden poles and covered with skin, felt or brightly colored 'handwoven' textiles and can be pitched virtually anywhere.
Striking items, both decorative and functional, are also crafted from 'handwoven' sea cotton adorned with dyes and embroidery.
This fabric even, though it feels like a knit when you are wearing it, looks like a very expensive 'handwoven' fabric.
Harris Tweed can have its imitators, but only tweed 'handwoven' in the homes of hardy Hebrideans can bear the orb mark and the stamp of authenticity with the HTA provides.
While specialty men's stores employ salespeople who know a printed silk tie from a 'handwoven' one, for example, few department stores do.
At current exchange rates, everything's a bargain - covetable leather goods and heavy Karnataka silk, 'handwoven' carpets, temple carvings and spices, cashews, tea and coffee.
Carolyn says some of the kimonos - most are 'handwoven' in brand new silk - would otherwise cost thousands of dollars, so it's a good time to grab a bargain.
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