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I wrote him a handwritten note asking if he would be interested in working with me.
written with a pen, pencil, or other handheld implement.
The universal electronic signature will have the effect of a 'handwritten' signature towards everyone.
They raided the safe for cash and left two 'handwritten' notes.
I wrote him a 'handwritten' note asking if he would be interested in working with me.
The 'handwritten' message is scanned and sent to the destination and the letter is delivered just as a telegram.
The letter, which was 'handwritten' and had no return address, was sent to an FBI lab in Miami for testing.
The den is where the music legend practiced and kept a 'handwritten' log of his recordings.
Within hours, the walls were draped in art paper bearing 'handwritten' tributes to Gavin.
The 'handwritten' account of his trial runs to just two pages.
Honey climbed to the stage, clutching her 'handwritten' speech and trembling all over.
He had a stack of record cards that explained his work and at the bottom of each card a 'handwritten' link to another card.
The most he could do was provide us with a 'handwritten' note that vouched for our honorable intentions.
She too had spotted a 'handwritten' advert of Tann's in June 2001, and had met him with her two children, Ms Laws said.
There was also a small 'handwritten' paper extolling the value of purdah - wearing the veil.
You wrote a short 'handwritten' note, which explained to me how, where and when to deliver the feedback to the external examiner.
There were the original 'handwritten' entries at the time events happened.
Isn't the legal strength of a petition based on 'handwritten' signatures?
I wrote to the address given and received a very polite 'handwritten' letter in reply.
The public is invited to watch works-in-progress and submit 'handwritten' comments.
Write a few 'handwritten' words in blue ink or on a stick-on note on the front page of the newsletter.
it's a 'handwritten' letter
After school, with a few friends, he brought out a 'handwritten' magazine titled Bharati.
For each song George provides a brief insight into his inspiration and shares his original, 'handwritten' lyrics.
All articles should be neatly typed; we cannot accept 'handwritten' contributions.
Particularly memorable was a 'handwritten' letter of Nehru's that I came across.
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