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harmonious music
tuneful; not discordant.
translation of 'harmonious'
समरसता पूर्ण
ऐक्यपूर्ण मधुर,
Osmania University was a 'harmonious' blend of Hindu-Muslim architecture, Prof. Rao pointed out.
These construction s of the south as freer and more 'harmonious' would have been particularly attractive to Signac and his Neo-Impressionist colleagues.
Jen is an essential element of Confucianism and represents an ideal state in which an individual maintains 'harmonious' social relationships with his fellow men.
It mixes 'harmonious' , romantic Cuban music and the passion of flamenco singing.
Though the music is 'harmonious' (which has led some listeners to underrate Poulenc's ingenuity), at dramatic moments it is fresh and raw.
How to meet these challenges, secure peace and development in the world and create a stable and 'harmonious' homeland for all is a critical question that calls for serious consideration and effective solution.
During the performance, gamelan players are required to display both music and dance skills, exhibiting a perfect blend of expressive dance movements and 'harmonious' music.
When they embark upon marrying someone, they should do so with sincerity of purpose and with the intention of creating a 'harmonious' relationship.
Our being begins reverberating to the music of the infinite as we tune-in to its 'harmonious' rhythm; its unalloyed notes manifest the message that is meant for us.
Again, it was the patron's role to mediate between the artist and the press, ensuring a 'harmonious' relationship on both sides.
The combination of plums and spices, reminiscent of chai tea, made a 'harmonious' blend of sweet, pungent, and spicy flavors.
What we end up with is a surprisingly 'harmonious' blend of, well, video game tunes and traditional style Celtic rhythms.
Among the acts that took to the stage were hilarious novelty acts, rhythmic dance routines, some melodious individual singing, 'harmonious' duets and even a few notable musicians.
It seems natural and right that music which is not merely harmonic, but 'harmonious' , should be highly regarded in civilized societies.
Trying to maintain a 'harmonious' atmosphere among a squad where one out of every two players is sure to be bitterly disappointed at not being selected on a starting team is no easy task - especially when the stakes are so high.
Beginning in early childhood, girls are socialized to maintain 'harmonious' relationships by negotiating conflict.
Mozart's music may be the 'harmonious' equivalent to countryside palaces or grand neoclassical academies.
Tuneful trumpeters joined 'harmonious' horn players at Bury Music Centre when they staged annual concert performances.
With a rich, honey-thick voice, an ear for the catchiest turn of vocal and lyrical phrase, and a 'harmonious' way with a melody, Reid Jamieson turns eight homemade acoustic demos into a thing of beauty.
A 'harmonious' relationship with trust and respect flowing in all directions amongst the stakeholders will be to everyone's long term advantage.
It ought to be a 'harmonious' gathering, celebrating the successes of Labour's two terms - the lowest unemployment for a generation, investment in public services, redistribution.
The difficulty for the estates theory was that it had described four ideal types of persons, and each type had been a 'harmonious' blend of characteristics.
Within the meditative tradition, cheerfulness is considered to be the natural, 'harmonious' and wholesome expression of our truest self.
The result then is a 'harmonious' blend of their voices to form an impressive, composite whole.
The feminine forms give more scope to express the rhythmic and 'harmonious' qualities of Indian art traditions and to create highly stylised forms, he says.
While the design schemes featured are diverse in style, each illustrates a 'harmonious' blend of form and function, and demonstrates how there is no universal recipe for the perfect interior.
Festival organizers aimed for a 'harmonious' parade of different masquerades, the order of which was controlled by officials urging groups forward and holding them back.
Boasting a solid, multi-talented cast, Inanna is clever and grand in its scope, with music that careens between 'harmonious' and neatly dissonant.
It is always better to have a 'harmonious' blend of the ancient and the modern.
Located in the central city district, the Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur is a modern tower complex incorporating a 'harmonious' blend of Asian and Western architectural styles.
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