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स्कूल की संचालिका
Jack faltered in her charge towards her headmistress : you didn't want to mess with her when she was busy.
(especially in private schools) the woman in charge of a school; the principal.
translation of 'headmistress '
स्कूल की संचालिका,
स्कूल की प्रबंधिका,
स्कूल की डाइरेक्टरिस
Louisa Barrett is the beautiful blonde 'headmistress' of the watery city's only girls' prep school, and an ideal amateur detective.
Inside, 'headmistress' Ibistam Mahdi cuts a yellow ribbon, and thanks the men through a translator.
Jack faltered in her charge towards her 'headmistress' : you didn't want to mess with her when she was busy.
What drives the narrative besides the twins' twin voices are the fractured testimonies of those who have known them all their lives, including their Nan and 'headmistress' and a doctor who treats them and one of their brothers.
Huxley also typed in the advances Bernard makes to Eton's 'headmistress' during the showing of the Penitentes film.
Sent to Allenswood school in England at fifteen, Eleanor was inspired by 'headmistress' Marie Souvestre.
It happened that Hone was educated in a school, strange to say, whose 'headmistress' was a Wesleyan.
All of their successors have been women, including one lesbian 'headmistress' who is now retired and living with the school's head French teacher.
One of Rogers's earliest moves as 'headmistress' was to revise the school's awards policy.
The school's 'headmistress' , Karima Hassan Ahmad, says with fresh paint, new supplies and a place to display their artwork, they're expressing themselves like never before.
Anna was Windstone's 'headmistress' , he didn't need any specific grades to get in as long as she thought he was ready.
They even got me to stop complaining about the silliness of a peasant girl learning to read by enlisting the aid of Mistress Sherath, the mage who served as the school's 'headmistress' .
Suddenly there was a knock on the door and the small, stern 'headmistress' stepped in.
To truly understand what is taking place, we must go back ten years, when the school's 'headmistress' was only thirteen years of age.
Anna was the 'headmistress' of a boarding school, her senses and ability to catch children in the wrong were quite well exercised.
She had picked up his weaved basket and now began picking out the carrots that were big enough to do for he old 'headmistress' 's liking.
And there is actually in the book, there's a true story from first 'headmistress' of a school we went to when we were very young.
I didn't want to hear that this was the 'headmistress' of Beth's school; the one that kept her from us at Thanksgiving.
I had to beg Michael to delay his trip and it took a good while to convince the 'headmistress' at Jenny's school to allow her yet another week away from school, but in the end I had both my brother and my best friend with me on my wedding day.
The creamy walls of both floors were lined with paintings of old headmasters and 'headmistresses' , bowls of fruit, Paris operas, and fairy tale adventures.
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