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It's tragic and heartbreaking , but it should not be considered a point of debate.
causing overwhelming distress; very upsetting.
translation of 'heartbreaking'
दिल तोड़ने वाला,
हृदय विदारक
That chapel remains one of the most 'heartbreaking' sights in England.
It was amazingly difficult and 'heartbreaking' but he never gave up.
I've seen it happen more than once to some very dear, sweet people, and it's really 'heartbreaking' to watch.
Losing her at Christmas is bad, but the presents were 'heartbreaking' .
It has been absolutely 'heartbreaking' to have it cancelled each time.
It's 'heartbreaking' to see people dying of such curable and treatable diseases.
They encouraged him to think he could return home as a star; by the time he left, his yearning was 'heartbreaking' .
It was so 'heartbreaking' to see lots of people traumatised by the war and living in bombed out buildings.
Instead they brought 'heartbreaking' news of the death of a son, a father, a brother or some other loved one.
David is here to talk about living with a 'heartbreaking' loss, and he will take your calls.
Realising that within the framework of a tender and 'heartbreaking' love affair, is a very special achievement.
Is it 'heartbreaking' to have an entire prison population reject your lasagna?
This sequence is especially 'heartbreaking' , as the screaming little girl is carried away to die.
It's tragic and 'heartbreaking' , but it should not be considered a point of debate.
It is very 'heartbreaking' to now know my mum would probably be alive if the police had done a proper investigation first time around.
Some stories told to her by families are 'heartbreaking' and it is hard not to become emotionally involved.
Speaking as a father of a young son and a daughter, I find this 'heartbreaking' and tragic.
John, faced with a 'heartbreaking' decision no five-year-old should ever have to make, chose his father.
The couple then had to break the 'heartbreaking' news to Sarah's brother, who was travelling in Australia.
As I read, the writer elaborated on the material with 'heartbreaking' tales of his family life.
Though their argument is supposed to be about the painting, it soon balloons into an examination of their 15-year friendship, with the 'heartbreakingly' accurate verbal blows that only old friends can land.
An apologia, even when desperately, 'heartbreakingly' wrong, is a sort of bridge between evil and good, an acknowledgement that there is something here that needs explaining.
Both jobs offer all the possibilities in the world, including fame, success, travel and personal achievement, but things can also go terribly, 'heartbreakingly' wrong if the young hopefuls are rejected.
Every word of this story was 'heartbreakingly' true, and it pains me to think that all the terrible things I saw happening there during my four years of high school didn't magically cease to occur after I graduated and went to college.
That gap, that human gap between ethics and the law is something you explore very powerfully in this book and, 'heartbreakingly' I think for us and yourself, come away with no answers, as you've just said.
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