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गहरा पीछा
The 2003 challenge in areas ranging from urban heartlands to rural outposts attracted record entries of almost 100.
the central or most important part of a country, area, or field of activity.
translation of 'heartland'
गहरा पीछा
Such urban novels were doubly marginalised, as Scottish within a British context, and as urban within a context which identified rural, Gaelic and Scots-speaking areas as the 'heartland' of the nation.
And yet that version of the 'heartland' has never really existed anymore than George Washington's cherry tree or Jack Kennedy's virtue.
That said, there were also areas of the Sunni 'heartland' where turn-out was scarce and intimidation appeared to have won.
Now we have 28 nations in this world that have ballistic missile capabilities, and it's folly for us not to provide a protection to the 'heartland' of America when we can do so and make it work.
a recession that battered the coasts while sparing the 'heartland'
Well, that's what the Republicans think, that he is a movement candidate, who seems too out of the mainstream of the - of most Americans in the 'heartland' .
It seems that forked blades might have first originated in Sanxingdui and were exported eastward to the central 'heartland' .
Meanwhile, American intelligence has not yet detected signs of coordination between the Sunni rebellion in Iraq's 'heartland' and the Shiite insurgency.
Some people might take offense to this, citing that the Midwest is the breadbasket or the 'heartland' , but I disagree.
None of the council's four Sunni members represents the rural areas of the Sunni 'heartland' .
And that's why we got to clamp down on these poisonous perverts burrowing into the midsection of our 'heartland' with their blasphemous ceremonies.
Each of these powers flourished in a Mackinder 'heartland' (the core area of Eurasia) and saw its destiny in mercantilist imperial expansion.
What they aren't hearing are voices from the 'heartland' or for that matter voices from workers in Central America.
I know he's a real rancher and down home guy, but c'mon, the whole point of the interview is to find out what Democrats should do to win in the 'heartland' , and he dispenses advice about it quite freely.
Why, in the 'heartland' of Central Canada, where trains are allegedly a reasonable means of transportation, aren't train stations not dives?
Indulge a little Midwestern fantasy: It may be the 'heartland' of America - the Bible belt even - but Kansas City just got a bit, well, sexier.
There are, and here in the 'heartland' , many are disturbed by what is increasingly being recognized as the high-jacking of their Faith and they are not accepting it.
As I write from the 'heartland' , in a small rural town in Northwest Ohio, the world, with the help of my government, is undergoing a process of reorganization.
This city's Latino population grew by more than 1,500 percent over the past decade, part of a national trend of Latinos leaving the cities in search of America's 'heartland' .
‘We've got to win in the 'heartland' of America,’ Reed said.
And now it's hitting the airwaves for the very first time in the 'heartland' , the Midwest and Southeast.
Herman Roth's employer, an insurance company, decides to transfer him and other Jewish workers to jobs in the 'heartland' too, ostensibly to stir the melting pot.
wildlife sites in the 'heartland' of Russia
Is this what the president thinks of us folks in the 'heartland' ?
the 'heartland' of the rebel cause
the 'heartland' of the rebel cause
During the prime of the Roman Republic, roughly the last two centuries B.C., it served as a northern boundary protecting the 'heartland' of Italy and the city of Rome from its own imperial armies.
It was Namangani's first attempt to strike out from his mountain hideouts to the strategic 'heartland' of Central Asia, the fertile, densely populated Ferghana Valley basin.
How did a former potato field in the English 'heartland' come to be the site of four of the past five European Ryder Cups?
How did there come to be so many Buddhists living in Kalmykia, an Ireland-sized region on Europe's eastern edge, thousands of miles from the religion's Asian 'heartland' ?
Hindi heartland states to see staggered polls
LS polls phase IV: BJP to defend 45 seats, mostly in Hindi heartland
Modi woos tribals in Bengal's tribal heartland
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