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The World's allow one entrant per division per country, while the World Games are one men's lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight per continent.
a weight in boxing and other sports, typically the heaviest category. In the amateur boxing scale it ranges from 178 to 200 pounds (81 to 91 kg).
Velocities ranged from over 1,200 feet per second for the lighter weight bullets to just under 1,000 feet per second for the heavyweights .
a person or thing of above-average weight.
With the weight penalty (a heavyweight publication), either hand carry it on the plane, or send it early for the festive season by sea mail!
of above-average weight.
translation of 'heavyweight'
There was a period in the 90s when Nelson held the World Boxing Federation 'heavyweight' title.
The life of luxury has its cost, and former 'heavyweight' champion Mike Tyson says he can't afford it anymore.
There were three men's divisions: lightweight, 'heavyweight' and open.
He was boxing for six or seven years and during that time was national senior champion five times in all, three times at 'heavyweight' and twice at super heavy weight.
There is a part of me that finds it hard to believe because Ali took it to the body better than any 'heavyweight' ever.
But there are 'heavyweight' champions I think that, even as a middleweight, I could have beaten.
In a fight full of trash-talking and taunting, Jones appeared tired early, and said having to lose weight to come down from 'heavyweight' took its toll.
Choose high-quality, mediumweight fleece - lightweight fleece will not produce a fluffy bloom and two layers of 'heavyweight' fleece are too bulky.
Then I thought, this guy is a 'heavyweight' cultural icon, better get a grip and make an effort to take it seriously.
Some got merely dozens of votes but very many were serious 'heavyweight' contenders with a wide range of experience.
He also happens to be a two-time world 'heavyweight' boxing champ.
Tipping the scales at a whopping 28500, this is the 'heavyweight' of the bunch.
The trouble is, unfair as it may seem, a sizeable part of judgment is based on precedent - 'heavyweight' disapproval is saved for those who ‘aren't normally like that’.
As dean of Aberdeen University's arts and divinity faculty, Torrance is seen as an intellectual, a 'heavyweight' theologian and the strongest competition.
The German was world 'heavyweight' boxing champion from 1930-32.
This would have been unlikely two months ago but the 'heavyweight' darts legend is a man reborn, thanks to his participation in this project.
With a serious 'heavyweight' training behind him, his food is already to die for.
Another 'heavyweight' contender for an award has to be the Ukrainian man who, while out walking his dog, threw a live hand grenade at a police cadet when the officer tried to point out that the dog should be leashed and muzzled.
The point is that we really don't know how to evaluate him when matched with a top tier 'heavyweight' .
The lesson of the O J Simpson trial was that destroying the credibility of witnesses is a defence strategy that can outbalance the traditional 'heavyweight' pointers of motive, means and opportunity.
It was built from a combination of 'heavyweight' concrete and steel ballast to develop the required weight.
And it came out in the afternoon, while the 'heavyweight' establishment News ruled the morning.
The baby is due on July 4 and the 31-year-old 'heavyweight' comic said he was ‘thrilled’ with the news.
His record equals that of his older brother, Stephen, who dominated the domestic scene as a super-heavyweight and 'heavyweight' .
And before that, you were the 'heavyweight' boxing champion of the world, am I right?
That would be Walker's farewell fight in 'heavyweight' and his career began to slide.
In 1916, in front of 30,000 people in Barcelona, he fought 'heavyweight' champion Jack Johnson, who knocked him out in the sixth round.
By the time he ran for the Senate in 1984 he was already known nationally as a political 'heavyweight' .
He blamed the 'heavyweight' lobbying power of the big banking institutions for the Government's decision to turn its back on post offices.
While Dr Lamont is about to embark on a three-year study on the history of magic at Edinburgh University, academics at Glasgow University have conducted a 'heavyweight' series of seminars on the subject.
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