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दुविधा में पड़ा हुआ
clients are hesitant about buying
tentative, unsure, or slow in acting or speaking.
translation of 'hesitant'
हिचकिचाने वाला,
दुविधा में पड़ा हुआ
I stepped boldly out on that new path, unsure and a little afraid, but never 'hesitant' .
The staff was very 'hesitant' , making excuses and delaying to show Tony his baby.
That shows that customers are less 'hesitant' to buy from the chipmaker, he said.
Their passing moves, once their strongest feature, were 'hesitant' and ragged, to be charitable.
That said, I was still a bit 'hesitant' to buy a whole big watermelon and soak it in vodka.
Life is the only inspiration for Kundan Shah in an industry 'hesitant' to accept his films.
The kiss was slow and innocent at first, apprehensive; he was still 'hesitant' and unsure.
Though he would like to return home he is 'hesitant' because of the fact that health care is unaffordable.
On the other hand, the governor also seemed 'hesitant' in giving orders to the military and police.
The actor was initially 'hesitant' when he first heard of the project.
Now I'm very 'hesitant' to cast doubt on any of your marvellous answers, but I do struggle to accept this one.
In times of writer's block, Dre has never been 'hesitant' to seek alternative medicine.
This union is 'hesitant' in what they do, therefore they are not taken seriously by the government.
Until now, the UN has been characteristically 'hesitant' , to sometimes tragic effect.
The 'hesitant' robins were nowhere to be seen - I fear I may have scared them off.
I know that you run into a lot of people who are 'hesitant' to accept the fact that you say you do this.
Thus the only superpower on Earth appears 'hesitant' about projecting its power on the international stage.
Even Ferguson was reportedly 'hesitant' in accepting the brief last Monday.
Far from being a gesture of national confidence, our arts policy is 'hesitant' and uncertain.
I was a little nervous and 'hesitant' about taking on the job three years ago but I am glad that I did.
Despite what I surmised was the warlike chirping of the two potential assailants viewing the scene from above, I overcame my 'hesitance' and decided to see if I could get near enough to the grounded bird to remedy his plight.
Faerwald thought about the girl's 'hesitance' for a second before replying.
She wavered between 'hesitancy' and her natural propensity for fun.
He stands up, looks at me 'hesitantly' , waits for me to finish, and sits down.
And by and large, they want to have questions asked and they want to have some 'hesitancy' about this initiative.
I have read that he does not allow taping of interviews and yet, 'hesitantly' , ask him for permission to do so.
With equal frequency he swept the ball off the sod without a second's 'hesitancy' , and all told his was a performance fit to grace any final.
And five minutes after his first, Connell again, this time with a speedy run, took the ball between four yellow jerseys and with little 'hesitance' parked the ball pass the efforts of PJ Magee.
There is one man who will have no doubts or 'hesitancies' .
Crestfallen, she 'hesitantly' shuffled into the bank with me, and I began to feel a little bad.
Faisal Khan was hesitant to feature in 'Sex Chat...'
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