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ऐतिहासिक दृष्टि से
a historically accurate picture of the time
with reference to past events.
translation of 'historically'
ऐतिहासिक दृष्टि से,
इतिहास के अनुसार
Treaties and custom have 'historically' been the main methods of creating binding international law.
It might not have been 'historically' accurate, but it was spectacular.
Our two countries are bound together 'historically' by common values and experience.
Although this book is 'historically' accurate, it is not a history book.
Other health benefits 'historically' ascribed to wine were unproven and mostly optimistic.
More competent players can pit their wits against the masters of the past in 'historically' accurate face-offs.
How 'historically' accurate is the game with respect to the sides and the actual events of the war?
Every costume, battle and death has to be carefully scripted and planned in order for the day to be 'historically' accurate.
I have read up other sources too and have tried to be as 'historically' accurate as possible.
You don't really want a word that people have 'historically' used to exclude you anyway.
'historically', government policy has favored urban dwellers
The general tendency 'historically' has been to drain wetlands and convert them to dry land if they got in the way.
Oral tradition is helpful, 'historically' , but it's weaker than other forms of evidence.
a 'historically' accurate picture of the time
'historically', government policy has favoured urban dwellers
However, the good people of Britain must realise that, 'historically' , it can take up to two years to mobilise them.
Inland flooding in turn is 'historically' the largest cause of loss of life in Hurricane events.
However, 'historically' , audit offices have their origins in the integrity function.
a 'historically' accurate picture of the time
This may be because the area has generally low levels of deprivation and 'historically' low death rates.
Having said that, they also have 'historically' built up their army for land defense.
The visual style, intellectually a bit feeble, was, 'historically' , surprisingly robust.
Nanaimo has 'historically' made headlines on the basis of its lucrative coal and fishing industries.
The guides boast that they have done a lot of serious research, and suggest the talk they give is 'historically' accurate.
Perhaps inspiration derives from current events, so that 'historically' turbulent times would be more rich.
Third, race 'historically' played a key role in southern politics in general and criminal justice in particular.
Each sketch is an individual work of art and represents a 'historically' accurate reflection of a time past.
I'm not so sure about the differences between the two events, 'historically' or culturally.
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