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घर वापसी
This is the homecoming , the return of the prodigal sons to the family fold.
an instance of returning home.
translation of 'homecoming'
Deciding to give the boys a 'homecoming' party, they brought food and drink to the Union Pacific depot.
Hear what Australia's most senior Catholic priest had to say upon his 'homecoming' to Ballarat.
Both had made plans to return home for the winter, expecting their 'homecoming' to be something joyous.
This is the 'homecoming' , the return of the prodigal sons to the family fold.
Let's go shopping after school, 'homecoming' is only a week and a half away.
For his lieutenants, his 'homecoming' signals the revival of the right-wing movement in South Africa.
It was going to be one big weekend festival, ending at the 'homecoming' dance on Saturday.
Plan for good cheer and great food that will make this a 'homecoming' to remember for years to come.
I've been hinting at Mikey about taking me to the 'homecoming' , but I've gotten nowhere.
Ask him about the crown he had to wear when he was 'homecoming' king of his high school.
We enter into the tiny town and it is like a huge 'homecoming' parade!
Many of those who could not watch the game would love to give a proper 'homecoming' to their heroes.
One of the biggest cheers was reserved for Tom when he joined the players in the pavilion for the 'homecoming' on Thursday night.
Julie and Jamie are preparing for the 'homecoming' of Marcus's twin brother, Steven, who is now just over four weeks old.
That small bit of pressure on the ankle translates to a lot of pressure on Hill's 'homecoming' exhibition game.
After the 'homecoming' dance I'd learned dresses and heels were a bad choice for dancers.
Barbara said coming back to York had been something of a 'homecoming' and they were looking forward to welcoming some familiar faces.
During 'homecoming' , Henson sought to reassure a roomful of anxious alumni.
Terry will have a 'homecoming' this week, returning to the track where he received his only formal race instruction.
Espy still winces a little as he recalls a 'homecoming' game at his daughter's high school.
All 'homecoming' candidates got to skip fifth period to go to the locker rooms and get ready.
she spent most of the day preparing for her husband's 'homecoming'
He dated the girl who was picked as 'homecoming' queen his junior year in high school.
She received a huge 'homecoming' on her return to Bradford and had lived and worked in the city ever since.
Martin, who was treated to a super 'homecoming' in his native village is wished continued success in his cycling career.
Needing one more dress for the event, she modified her high school 'homecoming' dress to compete.
He strangely felt like a nervous school boy picking up his 'homecoming' date.
At the 'homecoming' game the next day, Marco had heard I was going with Pete to the dance.
Of those who came to pay tribute, many told how Jane had inspired them - all saying they wouldn't have missed her 'homecoming' for the world.
Her 'homecoming' is somewhat earlier than expected, hastened by the recent stormy weather in the North Atlantic.
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