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He practises a multi-therapy system using acupuncture with homoeopathy and nutritional therapy to treat chronic diseases.
the treatment of disease by minute doses of natural substances that in a healthy person would produce symptoms of disease.
translation of 'homeopathy'
This is radical, for in 'homeopathy' , there are two schools of thought - low dose versus high dose.
The whole community has access to acupuncture, herbal medicine and 'homeopathy' , even if on a crude level.
She had tried 'homeopathy' , colonic irrigation, aloe vera and reflexology.
The power of 'homeopathy' never ceases to amaze me.
For this reason, many people turn to complementary therapies such as 'homeopathy' , acupuncture and herbal remedies.
In 'homeopathy' , dosage is minute and symptoms are meant to intensify as part of the self-healing process.
Using 'homeopathy' and a range of other natural treatments, Pat set out on a journey of recovery that was to see her body go from strength to strength.
It is also important to heal the individual from within, if this is where the problem originates, using, for example, 'homeopathy' .
He has also trained in 'homeopathy' and is interested in all forms of complementary medicine.
Like 'homeopathy' , most alternative therapies are closer to mysticism than to medicine.
Like 'homeopathy' , it treats the whole person rather than just the ailment.
Although 'homeopathy' has met with skepticism in the past, recent research is now proving that it works quite well.
She places a lot of faith in 'homoeopathy' and alternative medicines.
Other forms of treatment may include yoga or Pilates, 'homeopathic' and herbal remedies, hydrotherapy and acupuncture.
We can see how acupuncture, 'homoeopathy' and herbalism might be tested.
Despite 'homoeopathy' 's popularity with patients, orthodox medicine has had the upper hand in terms of institutional support, research funding, and strong evidence of effectiveness.
Although conventional scientific methods cannot explain how they work, many clinical trials have found 'homoeopathic' medicines to be effective in treating a range of disorders.
The approach of treating the patient in a holistic manner allows 'homoeopathy' to treat many diseases where conventional medical treatment does not have much to offer.
He practises a multi-therapy system using acupuncture with 'homoeopathy' and nutritional therapy to treat chronic diseases.
Neil is a senior lecturer at two leading complementary therapy colleges and has two busy 'homeopathic' practices.
Most homeopaths advise against the use of essential oils if you are taking a 'homeopathic' remedy.
It is now available 'homeopathically' and in various preparations as an asthma preventive.
The livestock are all treated 'homeopathically' if they're ill, although Wilson will use antibiotics if there is no alternative.
Clinical uses of this tree have been well described in 'homoeopathic' and Ayurvedic literature.
Treating dairy cattle 'homeopathically' is saving a farming couple $5000 a year, producing much happier, healthier cows and more milk.
She's also tried 'homoeopathy' , meditation and colour therapy as well as conventional drugs.
We designed the trials for clarity, simplicity, and internal validity to answer the basic question we had posed: Does a 'homoeopathically' prepared dilution show a positive effect over and above its placebo effect?
Ayurvedic medicine and 'homoeopathy' are popular in India.
The first principle of 'homoeopathy' is that you find a substance that causes the symptoms you are experiencing.
The cream is 'homeopathically' prepared and is designed to help heal skin injuries caused by insects and the sun.
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