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As in other parts of the world, this issue also concerns homosexuals and lesbians.
a person who is sexually attracted to people of their own sex.
After the Righter trial, the way was open for bishops to ordain sexually active homosexual persons if they so chose.
(of a person) sexually attracted to people of one's own sex.
By contrast, consenting 'homosexual' acts involving adults are essentially victimless and harmless.
For example, unlike in many countries, 'homosexual' acts between consenting adults are not considered an offence.
Perhaps the biggest bane for homosexuals in Singapore is a law that still criminalizes consensual 'homosexual' acts.
The attempt is to compare being 'homosexual' to being black.
The women claimed the ruling threatened unmarried heterosexual couples as well as 'homosexual' and lesbian ones.
Mrs Foreman said her group was not against 'homosexual' people and respected their choice of sexuality.
His predilection for favourites, whether or not based on 'homosexual' attraction, was politically disastrous.
Most such clients are deeply ambivalent about their 'homosexual' attractions.
The first was a high profile case in Glasgow in which a lesbian couple tried to deny parental rights to the 'homosexual' father who donated sperm for their baby.
First of all, I don't ask people if they're 'homosexual' , lesbian or heterosexual.
What he said was that he was fine with the notion of people being homosexuals as long as they didn't commit 'homosexual' acts.
Sexual temptation, including 'homosexual' temptation, is not sinful.
More than half of these were for 'homosexual' men.
The idea that 'homosexual' men and lesbians form a ‘community’ is also a part of politically correct fantasy.
While this ruling complicates things a little bit, that law doesn't change what the church thinks about 'homosexual' marriage.
The two, who play at hating each other in school, share a deep bond that contains a heavy strain of 'homosexual' attraction.
As somebody who's not felt 'homosexual' temptation, I don't go around handing out free advice to those who do.
Every witness they have talked to is 'homosexual' or lesbian and they believe that everybody who saw this miracle is either gay or lesbian.
The Presbyterian Church has effectively become the first New Zealand denomination to allow 'homosexual' ministers.
Baker became the first jazz musician to attract a strong 'homosexual' following.
A third of the men still occasionally felt strong 'homosexual' desire and even daydreamed about having gay sex.
After the Righter trial, the way was open for bishops to ordain sexually active 'homosexual' persons if they so chose.
Unwanted sexual experiences are common in both heterosexual and 'homosexual' relationships.
Lots of emphasis is likely to be placed on the effect that the Government's proposals for a civil partnerships register is going to have on 'homosexual' couples.
As the most honest revisionists admit, the Bible has nothing good to say about 'homosexual' sexual acts.
But I think at that time he was living a very flamboyant 'homosexual' lifestyle.
Even before she recognised that she was happy in a lesbian relationship she had 'homosexual' friends.
I've spoken with other Catholics with 'homosexual' desires who would never speak about it publicly.
Britain had decriminalized 'homosexual' acts in private between consenting adults in the Sexual Offenses Act 1967.
Before the lifting of the ban, some gay and lesbian soldiers already were known by their peers to be 'homosexual' .
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Ranbir willing to play homosexual on screen
Ranbir willing to play homosexual on screen (Second Lead, correcting para two)
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