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Torque multiplied by rpm divided by 5,252 equals horsepower .
a unit of power equal to 550 foot-pounds per second (745.7 watts).
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The Workman 3100 has a Kohler 23 - 'horsepower' air-cooled gas engine.
His two motors, a used 7.5 horsepower and a 3.5 'horsepower' , cost just $25 apiece.
Its 1,001 'horsepower' engine powers it from to 60 mph in less than three seconds, reaching 186 mph in under 14 seconds.
The ground clearance will return to 16 inches and the 'horsepower' to ton ratio will change from 13 to 1 back to 17 to 1.
They are powered by 700 - 'horsepower' , methanol-burning engines and reach speeds of 170 mph.
Torque multiplied by rpm divided by 5,252 equals 'horsepower' .
However, with the 110 'horsepower' diesel engine it is still fast and refined, and capable of returning over 40 miles per gallon.
The six-liter, 325 - 'horsepower' turbo diesel engine can muscle you up loose inclines and keep you in the passing lane.
For a difficult task of only a few seconds' duration, a person can put out thousands of watts - many times the 746 watts in one official 'horsepower' .
Maximum torque was the same for the three fuels, and 'horsepower' was almost equal throughout the acceleration range, except at very maximum revs where Optimax and Ultimate managed just one extra bhp.
Respectively, these motors now make 355 horsepower and 455 foot pounds of torque and 300 'horsepower' and 365 foot pounds of torque.
It was powered by two 220 - 'horsepower' diesel engines driving Jacuzzi high-speed jet pumps.
Another effect was that manufacturers were forced to produce vehicles with special gearbox ratios for the French market only as these could have had an effect on the theoretical 'horsepower' , the unit on which the tax was based.
Ultralight aviation was pioneered in 1976 by John Moody with a 10 'horsepower' go-cart-powered engine.
With it's 1200 'horsepower' diesel engine, the T-98 is as mobile as the M-1, and has much better gas mileage.
He also reported that electric motive power for both the mine and mill was furnished by the Ames Power station at a cost of $80 per year for each unit of 'horsepower' .
For $45,000 you can own a Dodge SRT - 10 dry-wall hauler powered by a 500 'horsepower' Viper V10 engine.
Reducing the air volume meant smaller air handling units, lower fan 'horsepower' , smaller room requirements and smaller ductwork.
The two motors - a 115 horsepower Johnson outboard and a 9.9 'horsepower' electric long shaft Mercury outboard - are fairly new.
Knowing they couldn't match the GM-backed team dollar for dollar, or perhaps even horsepower for 'horsepower' , they set a course for consistency that paid off in the long run.
Oberhofer noted that they are able to put three to four more gallons of fuel into their engine after switching from the shoe to the setback blower, and more volume equals more 'horsepower' .
There are no suspensions for these race vehicles, and engines vary from 5 'horsepower' to more than 30 hp.
The car will be powered by a 2.2-liter, turbocharged diesel engine generating 136 'horsepower' .
Rolls Royce has developed a 4,000 'horsepower' turbo prop engine that may be used to power the Douglas DC 7D long range airliner.
Through mid-July, formal rules had not yet been determined, but it's believed teams will race under a common body template with all cars nearly equal in design and 'horsepower' .
Built in 1992, it is also controversial due to its 75,000 'horsepower' nuclear engine.
You will see ¼ horsepower, 1/3 horsepower and ½ 'horsepower' pumps available.
Lastly, the compulsory AMG version, the 32, will rocket you there in just over five seconds with 354 'horsepower' at its disposal.
The 1350 'horsepower' engine almost forces me to stand on my brakes.
Without the slugs they would have to use five regular locomotives to get as much tractive effort, even though they only need three units worth of 'horsepower' .
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