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To celebrate its bicentenary it has created seven historical gardens to show how horticulture has evolved over the last 200 years.
the art or practice of garden cultivation and management.
translation of 'horticulture'
maize and manioc 'horticulture'
I signed up for a Horticultural Science degree thinking it would be mostly 'horticulture' .
Hom is very fond of English 'horticulture' and commissioned an English landscape gardener to design his garden.
Tom discovered a passion for gardening and gained an NVQ in 'horticulture' .
Linn attended agricultural school and concentrated on the study of ornamental 'horticulture' .
Finding alternatives to chemical pesticides in the home and garden and in farming and 'horticulture' is one of the main themes of the meeting.
To celebrate its bicentenary it has created seven historical gardens to show how 'horticulture' has evolved over the last 200 years.
There is now also plenty of planting land available for the students to learn new skills in 'horticulture' and hard landscaping.
Even our resident neighbourhood expert, a woman with a degree in 'horticulture' , was not very useful.
Will it help Kenya's 500,000 people employed in agriculture, 'horticulture' and its ancillary industries?
The time has come to encourage our farmers to diversify into areas such as 'horticulture' , floriculture and oilseeds.
A number of such biocontrol agents are available as commercial formulations for use in agriculture and 'horticulture' .
The Government must take immediate steps to protect wildlife on peat bogs and to signal an end to peat use in gardening and 'horticulture' .
Ornamental 'horticulture' often plays an important role in the conservation of plant species.
Ms Collins has never been able to go into her garden, despite having an NVQ in 'horticulture' .
The show will also have sections for agriculture, 'horticulture' , arts and crafts and cookery.
In 'horticulture' , kiwifruit vines are trained onto pergola or T-bar support structures.
His interest in gardening led him to study 'horticulture' in both Hobart and Melbourne.
During the decade and a half I lived in New England, my favorite hobby was 'horticulture' .
Jute has become invaluable, even in areas such as 'horticulture' and gardening.
The farmers in these areas continue to rely on agriculture rather than 'horticulture' .
The tulip - as duly noted in 'horticultural' texts - is a perennial flower.
This festival is being held in Highland Park where John Dunbar, the park's 'horticulturalist' , planted the first lilacs in 1892.
Diluted 'horticultural' oils, mixed with baking soda, control this common fungus.
According to Michael Dirr, 'horticulturist' with the Department of Horticulture at the University of Georgia, the flowers are magnificent, but the plant is a headache for the rest of the year.
The annual agricultural and 'horticultural' show takes place at Culfadda on Monday August 19.
Charlie Nardozzi is senior 'horticulturist' at National Gardening.
Georgiana Marshen is a master 'horticulturist' and freelance garden writer.
These were monitoring variables like humidity and temperature, information that is invaluable to the 'horticulturalists' attempting to propagate the trees.
Ms Wile says the area will be used by a therapeutic 'horticulturalist' , who does gardening projects alongside disturbed children to give them a feeling of belonging.
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