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This reminds me of a quote from Italo Calvino (who was most certainly literate): ‘The ratio of literacy to illiteracy is constant, but now the illiterates can read.’
a person who is unable to read or write.
his parents were illiterate
unable to read or write.
translation of 'illiterate'
His mother, apparently 'illiterate' , was unable to sign her name as a witness to his marriage.
Even in 1935 they were being sent an ‘astonishing amount of 'illiterate' and unintelligent writing’, but practised readers spent little time on it.
I was 'illiterate' , unable to interact with people socially.
It preys on the ignorant, the 'illiterate' , the gullible, and the meek.
Yeah I know there are 'illiterate' peace activists as well.
Most Sierra Leoneans are 'illiterate' (cannot read and write) and have few job choices.
You have to ask yourself whether an 'illiterate' country girl, ignorant in city ways, would have such a self-consciously literary mode of expressing herself.
Although her house was almost destroyed in the earthquake, this 'illiterate' woman was unable to convince the Government representative, assessing the damage, that the house was beyond repair.
In addition, many South Africans were 'illiterate' , and unable to read news reports of proceedings.
Couple a scientifically 'illiterate' public with activist groups well-versed in scare tactics and what do you get?
We keep them in power, and they keep us 'illiterate' , ignorant and prolific.
It's even read to 'illiterate' factory labourers while they work.
Is it any wonder that our K - 12 education system is in such bad shape when such an 'illiterate' , antiquated report has been circulated and used for more than a decade?
Back in the 1830s, when he was a boy of 11, he used to read to 'illiterate' London labourers during his lunch hours.
Then he disparaged my writing for being too 'illiterate' for some but too literate for others.
The screeches of some of the more outlandish among gloomy modern composers or the 'illiterate' wailings of some vapid rock ‘musician’ are subjected to sham scholarship and pseudo philosophising.
Such a defence is offered only to hoodwink the gullible, 'illiterate' and ignorant millions.
Later the journalist was told by his interpreter that the ‘warlord’ was wholly 'illiterate' , unable even to sign his own name in writing.
Men, women, and children attended these compulsory classes, and hundreds of thousands of 'illiterate' Iraqis learned to read.
Do they really think horror fans are so 'illiterate' they won't read subtitles?
Indeed, as I have wondered elsewhere, how long will Americans endure the arrogance and ignorance of their own technically 'illiterate' politicians?
A commoner can practice the latter two means of attaining salvation, even if he is 'illiterate' and unable to study the scriptures on his own.
In Uganda, among those aged fifteen years and over, about 50 percent are 'illiterate' (unable to read or write).
Children were not allowed to attend public schools and many were 'illiterate' ; reading and writing being ‘unnatural’ technologies that would corrupt the children.
Then he smiled and proffered an information leaflet that he could not read - he was 'illiterate' , like four-fifths of the population.
The best part though was that a number of the kids who were 'illiterate' learned how to read and write through my program.
In 1990 the World Bank estimated that half the population was 'illiterate' (could not read or write).
That they were able to do so handily and with a backward and politically 'illiterate' film star as their standard bearer only underscores the dimensions of the Democratic collapse.
Indeed, one-million Quebecers are 'illiterate' and can't read this simple phrase (although the rest surely can and will).
This man no more than a spoiled child in a man's shoes; who could no more run a country than could an 'illiterate' person read a book.
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