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his illustrious predecessor
well known, respected, and admired for past achievements.
translation of 'illustrious'
As it happens, Cliff's 'illustrious' career goes back a long way further than that.
The hotel with the 'illustrious' past and the four-star deluxe rating must wait a little longer for a fifth star.
And so a sad and bitter end is brought to an 'illustrious' player of immense quality.
It has been a hallmark of its 'illustrious' career in broadcasting almost since its inception in the 1920s.
Mr Jones has enjoyed an 'illustrious' acting career appearing on Broadway and the West End.
Before we left he showed me the wrought iron gates which bore the names of Glasgow's most 'illustrious' graduates.
He also expressed pleasure to be following in the footsteps of his 'illustrious' predecessor Charles Darwin.
Between his two spells at Elland Road came an 'illustrious' career in Italy, with the Turin giants Juventus.
But it is not just his family's 'illustrious' past which concerns the present Lord Lansdowne.
Aside from your 'illustrious' career as an actor, how many plays have you written?
There are many similarities in the short but 'illustrious' careers of Best and John, now the firmest of friends.
The children had a wonderful day out in company of the 'illustrious' cricketer.
In these instances, it is rare for the more 'illustrious' team not to make amends for their sloppiness second time around.
Its title is Yanks and the script is by Colin Welland, one of Britain's most 'illustrious' dramatists.
He was a very consistent performer and rarely had a bad match in his long and 'illustrious' career.
His withdrawal from the next two Grand Slams is bound to increase speculation that his 'illustrious' career is now over.
He will not want to end an 'illustrious' career by walking the plank.
There was no excuse for that, considering all their 'illustrious' talent.
The courses are not inexpensive, as the 'illustrious' name of the event hotel might indicate.
Scotland's exporting success in eastern Europe has not been exactly 'illustrious' in recent years.
Francis Amasa Walker, the son of a noted political economist, followed 'illustriously' in his father's footsteps, also achieving eminence as a leading statistician and educator of his time.
Nobility is the ‘antiquity, splendour, and 'illustriousness' of families, coats of arms, titles, dignities,’ Scipione Ammirato wrote in defence of the autonomies of Neapolitan feudal barons in 1580.
Few of us grew up in Hampstead, had 'illustriously' interesting parents, or studied at Cambridge University like she did.
This is a classic case of one of the great tragic families starting off so 'illustriously' and ending so disastrously, bringing the Jewish people to ruin.
But their impact on the area, and the 'illustriousness' of their architect surely justify salvation.
Even flawlessly fruitful lands will lessen their yields when forced to support the body of one who lacks 'illustriousness' .
I don't know how many of the 3,000 or so prospective students are from rural roots, but I know many of those who were from small towns would have left in awe at the 'illustriousness' and size of the university.
Christ's holiness never so 'illustriously' shone forth as it did in his last sufferings, and yet he never was to such a degree treated as guilty.
Nonetheless, Nazon - who won in Wasquehal last year and, 'illustriously' , on the Champs Elysees in 2003-always seems to bring his top game to the top event in the world.
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