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making imaginative use of computer software
having or showing creativity or inventiveness.
translation of 'imaginative'
This major celebration of cinematic creativity old and new has a host of 'imaginative' programmes.
For this shaping one must draw on 'imaginative' insight into the motivation of the dramatis personae.
One county councillor believes a more 'imaginative' approach could be used.
Families can pencil in their vision of the future of York in an 'imaginative' event at York Art Gallery this week.
Has Oxford provoked one of the most 'imaginative' outbursts in music today?
The proposal to create a new university is a bold and 'imaginative' step.
Often his escape is 'imaginative' , inspired by the music he hears on the radio.
It was a glimpse into his 'imaginative' world and some of the sources of his creativity.
Dry statistics are seen as destroying both the 'imaginative' faculty and the human delight in invention.
Can we have more 'imaginative' and creative solutions to this problem rather than moans and groans?
It doesn't look likely, and it doesn't take a great 'imaginative' effort to see a double game being played.
The choreography is stilted and clumsy and could have been a great deal more 'imaginative' .
In too few places are the arts being integrated in 'imaginative' and inventive ways.
When it comes to getting 'imaginative' in the kitchen, sushi is about as creative as they come.
He likes to take risks simply to make the business of 'imaginative' invention more interesting.
Sadly, rising water levels now threaten this 'imaginative' form of transport.
That creative streak shows itself in some 'imaginative' use of fashion and colour mixes.
Her vision and her 'imaginative' designs had created its appeal and there was no obvious successor.
Scott's really 'imaginative' and creative and has a definite vision of what he wants his business to be.
It did not work for a variety of reasons, but the appointment was 'imaginative' and innovative.
But, whatever one may think of the arguments of the earlier chapters, few readers will fail to be struck by the verve, 'imaginativeness' and subtlety of the later ones.
It is the art of an 'imaginatively' passive culture.
I long to see this wonderful collection of dancers dancing, really dancing, using their astonishing gifts to the full, on a big stage, with music or sound that matches in 'imaginativeness' and richness what they have to offer.
I do think that I learned a degree of humility, flexibility, and 'imaginativeness' from getting to know people from very different backgrounds.
The bantering continues, gathering enthusiasm and 'imaginativeness' with every new narrative until one of the raconteurs starts gesticulating frantically towards the road ahead.
He wasn't playing 'imaginatively' like his friends.
On a more basic level, we have introduced schemes to help young people stay off the streets, by looking more 'imaginatively' at our existing leisure facilities.
Exactly caught, 'imaginatively' resonant details such as these embellish what is otherwise a dismayingly lacklustre exercise in retrospect.
Coinciding with the celebrations, an 'imaginatively' done brochure is brought out listing the do's and don'ts.
That is, the norms are not invented, but inventiveness and 'imaginativeness' in their use is essential and to be encouraged.
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