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an immaculate white suit
(especially of a person or their clothes) perfectly clean, neat, or tidy.
translation of 'immaculate'
The driver then turns toward the doorway, smiling and revealing blindingly white, perfectly 'immaculate' teeth.
Despite an 'immaculate' service record it would seem this knight of the realm is to be treated as an enemy of the state in retirement.
The song leader on a platform and in an 'immaculate' white sweater would intone such hymns as Abide With Me while the visitors might be allowed a decorous Auld Lang Syne.
The traditions of the citizens were abolished, the 'immaculate' webs of tradition obscured by the dust of centuries, the dust of forgetfulness.
Their townhouse is 'immaculate' , with white walls and gleaming appliances in the small kitchen.
The European Diving Centre prides itself on an 'immaculate' safety record - not even a hint of an incident in 5 years.
And sometimes, if we watch for it, we can catch a full glimpse of the man himself, all clad in 'immaculate' white.
He has floppy hair, nearly invisible glasses and wears an 'immaculate' suit.
We will not go into the difference between the 'immaculate' conception and virgin birth.
My first session in December fishing to the spots produced a lovely long 'immaculate' 18 lb plus common.
Her leadership resulted in the unit's unprecedented zero Class C mishaps and an 'immaculate' safety track record.
Madame Antoine's place is 'immaculate' , clean, and white.
They've done a beautiful job renovating it - it's absolutely 'immaculate' , unlike the rest of the university.
Their 'immaculate' feathers impervious to sleet and rain, a pair of white-capped albatross engage in affectionate courtship rituals.
The handwriting was 'immaculate' , the spacing of the words almost perfect.
Being a prince, he was naturally very concerned with such issues as hygiene and sanitation, and he felt anything but 'immaculate' or tidy right now!
Catbirds were not expected to eject other catbird eggs because both intra- and interclutch variations in the appearance of their 'immaculate' eggs are small.
But I was surprised by the 'immaculate' white bedding.
His timing is 'immaculate' , defence solid and his shot execution is a connoisseur's delight.
A troubled doctor who claimed an 'immaculate' professional record has avoided being struck off, despite selling a hoard of potent narcotics from his surgery.
The door at number 10 Downing Street always looks to be in 'immaculate' condition.
She kept 'immaculate' records of everything, Amanda thought.
To have evaluated a safety programme by using this 'immaculate' design is a huge credit to the investigators and their funding bodies.
Returning from his grimy hours of manual labour, he dives into a hotel to wash away the dirt, emerging clean and 'immaculate' in a fresh suit and tie.
The neat frame building bore a skin of 'immaculate' white clapboard, the tall, pyramidal steeple above the front door shingled with new cedar shakes.
The girls were dressed in their 'immaculate' white communion dresses and the boys wore appropriate suits.
Despite the delay in molt, male plumage does not remain 'immaculate' .
It was, indeed, a tunic and breeches, in the emerald and gold of the Warriors, in 'immaculate' condition, clean and pressed.
He was dressed in an 'immaculate' white suit, and had an absolutely fantastic bushy mustache that twitched like a live squirrel every time he spoke.
The woman proceeds to clean the already 'immaculate' room.
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