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Another theme running through the huge demo was solidarity with refugees and immigrants .
a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.
translation of 'immigrant '
अन्य देश से आकर बसने वाला,
प्रवासी नागरिक,
आप्रवासी का,
परदेशवासी का,
प्रवासी नागरिक का
Yet 'immigrant' workers contribute £2.5 billion to the British economy every year.
Several 'immigrant' workers drew parallels with their experiences in other countries.
Politicians in Birmingham have warned that areas with large first-generation 'immigrant' populations are particularly vulnerable to intimidation.
illegal 'immigrant'
Thousands of people have staged demonstrations across Spain in support of protesting 'immigrant' workers.
My father was an 'immigrant' who came over from Holland after the Nazi occupation.
'immigrant' workers
the 'immigrant' community
Many 'immigrant' workers died; they had supported entire families in their home countries.
an 'immigrant' village
Great variation exists in the ways community colleges have responded to the rising 'immigrant' student population on their campuses.
Their parents are often recent 'immigrants' living in low-income communities.
MY great grandparents were all Polish 'immigrants' who arrived in the 19th century in the East End of London.
During these three decades, only 7.5 million 'immigrants' arrived, most after 1945.
In Saxon terms, the Normans were second or third generation 'immigrants' to Northern France.
The wave of German Jewish 'immigrants' during the mid-nineteenth century represented the first major Jewish population explosion in America.
And right now, smuggling 'immigrants' across those borders is a booming business.
Another theme running through the huge demo was solidarity with refugees and 'immigrants' .
She added that the government was wrong to exclude mainland 'immigrants' from the draft, citing international law.
As I expected, I found that all of the parents are 'immigrants' to this country.
These parties are not motivated by a defence of the right of 'immigrants' to live where they choose.
The churches offered support and shelter to Central American 'immigrants' .
Most of the work available to 'immigrants' without legal papers is sporadic, and underemployment is a problem for many.
When detained 'immigrants' do find lawyers, confinement makes the detainees more difficult to represent.
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