English to Hindi Dictionary impactful


an eye-catching and impactful design
having a major impact or effect.
Of all these roles, the most 'impactful' is the Anthropologist.
The most 'impactful' experiences involved standing beneath your skylight which we all know by now is a vortex.
Nonetheless, debate remains a series of discontinuous leaps, structured by 'impactful' posting.
This war is not 'impactful' enough to raise the issue this time.
Connection is the essential element to an 'impactful' talk.
He vowed to become more loving, more inspiring, more 'impactful' in his life, especially to his family.
There are many ways to speak to someone, shouting and whispering can be very 'impactful' in the right context.
That is because they are cultural and entertainment reporters and they are less 'impactful' .
People have realized that the visuals are usually the most 'impactful' of all the five sensory organs.
They will make room in their lives for you only if you are diligent in writing truly 'impactful' blogs.
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