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a girl of eighteen is highly impressionable
easily influenced because of a lack of critical ability.
translation of 'impressionable '
शीघ्र संस्‍कार ग्रहण करने वाला,
शीघ्र प्रभावित होने वाला,
जिस पर जल्‍दी संस्‍कार पड़ सकें,
सरलता से प्रभावित
When such ideas are allowed to stand, they take root among the 'impressionable' or those predisposed to think the worst.
Defence barristers said they were vulnerable and 'impressionable' young men who had been offered cash to sell the drugs.
Maybe the problems arose when the players became less 'impressionable' as they got a little bit older and weren't so willing to listen.
The mind of a fourteen year old is 'impressionable' , clearly.
At the 'impressionable' ages between 13 and 16 peer pressure is the biggest influence.
He is not 'impressionable' , controllable, or easily influenced like a younger boy would be.
I also thought about the influence that celebrities have on young 'impressionable' teeny boppers.
More than half our population is youth who are at a very 'impressionable' age.
My thoughts immediately turned to Laurent, whom I met during my 'impressionable' university years.
Watching all those movies at such an 'impressionable' age, I always wanted to grow up to be Cary Grant.
Many of his listeners are of an 'impressionable' age and take the words of a popular media figure to be gospel truth.
One might say that 'impressionable' young men recklessly believe what their officers tell them.
He had grown into quite a handsome young man and found that, if his targets were young and 'impressionable' enough, he could appear charming.
I entreat all of you who have any sort of influence over 'impressionable' young minds to introduce them to the great bands of the past.
Watching him mimic my actions has made me realise how easily 'impressionable' he is.
It can have a lasting effect on people, especially when they're at an 'impressionable' age.
But I was young and 'impressionable' … was it so wrong of me to be influenced by another?
She was a naive and 'impressionable' young girl, with little life experience behind her.
Many kids see these stars as role models, and above all they are at an 'impressionable' age.
I know some things get said about the media influencing the behaviour of 'impressionable' minds, but I'm not so sure.
The display is not on the grounds of a public school, where, given the 'impressionability' of the young, government must exercise particular care in separating church and state.
I read this when I was 'impressionably' young, and then again and again since.
As one acquaintance remarked, Pater cultivated ‘a wise, grave passiveness, a gentle susceptibility, a kind of soft 'impressionability' … I never remember a single unkind criticism or remark ’.
Traditional astrology considers the Moon a significator of change, fickleness and easy 'impressionability' ; and yet few astrologers would dare to disregard its powerful influence upon earthly events.
By the end things get a little overly sappy, but this is a teenage romance - who among us wasn't a little mushy at that 'impressionably' young age?
Do you really want to exist in a state of constant intense 'impressionability' ?
The alleged superior receptiveness or 'impressionability' of the little girl endows her with a fluidity of viewpoint particularly suited to the urban environment and with a greater capacity to sustain and recode the shocks it affords.
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