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this account of events was seen by the jury as most improbable
not likely to be true or to happen.
translation of 'improbable'
Well, it's a theory, an 'improbable' one, but harmless fun to contemplate.
A mere year ago this outcome would have been considered wildly 'improbable' .
As 'improbable' as it may sound, even the construction business is turning to outsourcing.
On any view it seems highly 'improbable' that these funds represent legitimate taxed earnings.
Before we knew it, we were celebrating one of the greatest and most 'improbable' victories of all time.
These are sitcom characters whose emotional states swing instantly to match the twists and turns of a wholly 'improbable' plot.
What follows in the film is one 'improbable' set-up after another, until it ends with the most ludicrous ending ever.
Such constant failure is puzzling, not to mention statistically 'improbable' .
Going for gold in the ‘most 'improbable' name for a PR bunny’ event is exotic Tiggy Tonks.
They don't even seem to be bothered that many of their stories contradict one another or are highly 'improbable' .
That's an area where it seems 'improbable' to go that fast because it's so congested.
The trainer of the Queen's pigeons, an East Anglian with the 'improbable' name of Carlo Napolitano, was at Sun City.
My mind raced through one 'improbable' scenario after the next.
There was nothing inherently or apparently 'improbable' or unbelievable about the story given by the Colleys.
No flight of fancy was too 'improbable' , no wild accusation too unlikely.
And they can all wear entirely 'improbable' costumes and still look good.
She is a most 'improbable' superstar, this small, talkative, unshowy, and resoundingly English mother of two.
A chap by the 'improbable' name of Monty Nebinger emails to offer his services.
The most 'improbable' of explanations were routinely passed off as worthy of serious consideration.
The proposition is that everything is possible - no matter how 'improbable' , if you devise the correct marketing strategy.
I have a neat piece of software with the 'improbable' name of Delicious Library.
Absurd and 'improbable' it may be, but the government is unlikely to worry about lack of majority support.
They and their two children live nearby in a crazy, book-filled house at the furthest end of an 'improbable' road.
No matter how 'improbable' it may seem to you in this terrible time, someday you will laugh again.
And yet, 'improbable' as it had seemed for most of the afternoon, they won.
I personally do not find the idea inherently 'improbable' .
You can't believe how 'improbably' successful this experiment is until you've read it.
Some years ago, I was making a film in Austin, Texas, and I fell into conversation with the 'improbably' tall and very sociable driver who picked me up every day.
Perhaps, more 'improbably' , we learn to abhor violence.
The casinos here are 'improbably' large, the MGM where we are staying is about the size of Huddersfield.
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