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these labels prove to be wholly inadequate
lacking the quality or quantity required; insufficient for a purpose.
translation of 'inadequate '
They may be applying diplomatic pressure behind the scenes, but there comes a time when that is 'inadequate' .
Those children that are taken into care join a system that is 'inadequate' to meet their needs.
The system appears to be 'inadequate' for the present requirements of the village.
At the same time, he felt 'inadequate' to the task of measuring up to either parent's expectations.
Whatever plans that were in place to deal with such a natural disaster have proven 'inadequate' .
He said government funding was 'inadequate' and had failed to keep up with rising costs.
The National Assembly's system of passing legislation has proved 'inadequate' .
Roland, Gabriel and I had been prepared for this battle, but still we were 'inadequate' .
They said the new homes would overlook existing homes, and complained there was 'inadequate' parking.
However the quality of the studies was 'inadequate' and more research is needed.
He claims parking facilities are 'inadequate' and signposting of wards is poor.
Safety precautions were 'inadequate' on a building site where a joiner fell eight feet and broke his back.
Most burn centres are situated in large cities and are 'inadequate' for the high incidence of injuries.
We accused her of giving 'inadequate' funding to our schools but when we requested an interview she declined.
The security procedure at St Augustine's clearly is 'inadequate' and must be improved urgently.
My Italian was too 'inadequate' to thank her properly yet I owe her a great and undeclared debt.
This was followed by 'inadequate' nursing care, long waiting times and poor communication.
Evidence also exists that the quality of such care in hospitals and general practices is 'inadequate' .
This has resulted in people having to drive there and try to leave their vehicles in a totally 'inadequate' parking area.
Valentine's day may be a conspiracy to make single people feel 'inadequate' .
The power to make and break little lives can sometimes make people feel 'inadequate' and uncomfortable.
We all know that the state pension is probably 'inadequate' for most working people.
Governmental oversight of the private operation has been regularly criticised as 'inadequate' .
In the light of the potential challenge, this is an 'inadequate' response.
It was that beauty the great poets dream about but describe most poorly and 'inadequately' .
Yet chronic disease is often poorly treated and 'inadequately' prevented.
It was clear very quickly that they were 'inadequately' prepared.
Waste facilities were often insensitively sited and 'inadequately' regulated, without consultation with communities.
Standards in education have slipped, they say, and too few teachers, often 'inadequately' trained, are entering the schools system.
Female foeticide
Badal terms paddy MSP hike 'meagre, inadequate'
Vodafone offers to triple interconnect points, Jio says inadequate
Social sector may be victim of inadequate budget
Centre asks states to prepare for inadequate rainfall
Number of new doctors inadequate for 1.3 bn people: Kovind
Committee formed to revise 'inadequate' Rajya Sabha rules
Kerala custody death: Congress says government action inadequate
Inadequate funds allotted for national highway works: Mamata
Mechanism to deal with sexual abuse at shelter homes inadequate: SC
Encroachment, inadequate storm-water drains flooding urban centres: Puri
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