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One criticism of the president's inaugural is that it was a nice speech, but that his credibility is zero: no one believes anything he says.
an inaugural speech, especially one made by an incoming US president.
his inaugural concert as music director
marking the beginning of an institution, activity, or period of office.
translation of 'inaugural'
उद्‍घाटन संबंधी
Just since the election's end and the 'inaugural' , I have realized how much I've changed.
The campus of the Maharaja's College on Monday saw the 'inaugural' of a rainwater harvesting unit that has the potential to be a model for the rest of Kochi.
It may have been the most low-key 'inaugural' in years.
After the formal 'inaugural' of the festival as such, it will be screening time.
As a citizen, she had a perfect right to sing the national anthem of her own country during the 'inaugural' of the president of her own country.
You know, he was doing so well in the days before the 'inaugural' , before the pardons came out.
It was the best Democratic speech since FDR's first 'inaugural' address.
In his 'inaugural' lecture, Milne again reviews his work, but adds two remarks of interest.
With the first 'inaugural' , it was all the excitement of the inauguration and so on.
The occasion was the 'inaugural' of a book exhibition for the handicapped.
You helped draft President Clinton's second 'inaugural' , is that right?
Then he devoted his entire 'inaugural' address to that subject.
The " five nos, " stated in his 'inaugural' speech, remain unchanged.
Today in Britain there is the 'inaugural' meeting of Labour parliamentarians against the war.
My " 'inaugural' lecture " was about U.S. political and cultural imperialism.
The shortest 'inaugural' address was given by George Washington at his second Inauguration, in 1793.
Madrid Mayor and ruling party bigwigs have consented to participate in the 'inaugural' ceremony.
Asia House will celebrate the opening of its new home and gallery with an 'inaugural' exhibition.
In President Bush's case, his first 'inaugural' was well-written, but it didn't really say very much.
The Chairman of the Sakthi Group, N. Mahalingam, presided over the 'inaugural' .
The formal 'inaugural' ceremony at Nottingham will be held this July according to Yang.
It was a cheerful group that gathered to witness the formal 'inaugural' of the indoor golf course at Brown Coffee Pub, at R.S. Puram on Wednesday.
One criticism of the president's 'inaugural' is that it was a nice speech, but that his credibility is zero: no one believes anything he says.
However, cops were strict at the 'inaugural' of the Afro-Asian Games.
But religion is a private matter, and thus not a fit subject for an 'inaugural' address.
The enthusiastic artistes waited patiently for their turn and for the formalities of an 'inaugural' , including speeches, to be completed.
So, in his 'inaugural' speech, the new president called for national unity.
The first 'inaugural' ball was held in 1809 following the inauguration of James Madison.
His first 'inaugural' address was as much a " Freedom Speech " as was the second.
Anyone who observed the second 'inaugural' of President Bush could not help but notice the frailty of Chief Justice Rehnquist.
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