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का उद्घाटन
he inaugurated a new policy of trade and exploration
begin or introduce (a system, policy, or period).
translation of 'inaugurate'
उद्घाटन करना
अभिषेक करना
The Mayor, J. Chandra, herself was there to 'inaugurate' the camp.
She was in Kochi on Monday to 'inaugurate' an exhibition of diamonds.
Keynes' General Theory of 1936 did not 'inaugurate' a new age of economic policies; rather it marked the end of a period.
‘Although we may 'inaugurate' the project on June 22, we are still uncertain about the amount of money that will be disbursed by the central government this year,’ he said.
Flavius Julius Constantius was appointed as Maximian's junior to help 'inaugurate' the new system of government in the West.
In one promising sign, the government last week announced that it will 'inaugurate' a new trade policy in May that will lower tariffs for a wide range of products over the next five years.
The end of the War of 1812 with Britain 'inaugurated' decades of peaceful economic growth, with new roads and canals opening the eastern seaboard to easier and speedier travel.
Lynne met the little boy at his home in Malton a couple of hours before she was formally 'inaugurated' as the charity's new president last Thursday.
In the fifteenth century, the Portuguese 'inaugurated' the Age of Discovery and for three centuries built and expanded a seaborne empire.
That seemingly casual remark 'inaugurated' a six-week period during which I played the most consistently good golf I've ever played.
He was 'inaugurated' as vice president on 4 March 1901.
A wise mayor 'inaugurated' an annual international food festival where each nationality could show off its dishes.
In the case of Christ as Lamb, it allows John to interpret Jesus' death as a means of redemption and liberation from the forces of evil while also acclaiming the resurrected Christ as cosmic ruler and 'inaugurator' of a new age.
Bulgaria supported the losing side again in World War II, and the arrival of the Red Army in August 1944 'inaugurated' a period of Communist Party rule.
They did not tell Ambonwari people what they were doing at Arkwas but asked the ritual 'inaugurator' from the clan to go with them to perform the opening ritual, a kind of traditional ‘blessing’ ceremony.
When the Berlin wall fell in November 1989, a new era of democracy was 'inaugurated' …
Growing public opposition to the program led newly 'inaugurated' president Richard Nixon to suspend deployment until further studies were completed.
The centre would be formally 'inaugurated' on June 19 in the presence of the guests.
And Lord Keynes, the 'inaugurator' of the so-called ‘full employment policy,’ implicitly acknowledged the correctness of this thesis.
This 'inaugurated' a period of monetary stability which characterized the 1980s and 1990s, interrupted only by an economic downturn in the late 1980s.
The classic period of the first cold war runs from 1947 through the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, which finally 'inaugurated' an era of detente.
My question to you is, what specific thing are you going to be doing first, after you are 'inaugurated' as President?
So by the time I was actually 'inaugurated' , I had a list of about 10 major items that I wanted to accomplish in foreign policy.
Chosen as president by the Confederate provisional government established at Montgomery, Alabama, Davis was 'inaugurated' in February 1861.
The African American Civil Rights movement inspired and 'inaugurated' a new era of ethnic pride and political consciousness.
He also 'inaugurated' a multipurpose hall, cafeteria, teaching block and library building.
To be 'inaugurated' on Friday, the exhibition will remain open for a week.
The newly 'inaugurated' American president is known to be a strong supporter of the project.
Some 40 world leaders will gather Tuesday to see the president 'inaugurated' for a second term.
The firm also recently 'inaugurated' a technology and development center at its plant in Anaheim, CA.
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