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the inauguration of an independent prosecution service
the beginning or introduction of a system, policy, or period.
translation of 'inauguration '
the 'inauguration' of an independent prosecution service
The official state 'inauguration' is taking place several blocks away in the Congress.
He also performed at a concert during the week of the president's 'inauguration' .
We're counting down to his historic 'inauguration' .
the 'inauguration' of an independent prosecution service
Truman's second presidential 'inauguration'
the 'inauguration' of the Modern Art Museum
However, shortly after his 'inauguration' , the coverage changed considerably.
In April, on his first foreign trip following his 'inauguration' , Lee traveled to the US.
You know, we talked about the idea of a potential terrorist threat against the 'inauguration' .
the 'inauguration' of the Modern Art Museum
Even before his 'inauguration' , Kim was moving away from the radical left.
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands will preside over their 'inauguration' in The Hague this week.
However, the main flyover will be ready for 'inauguration' by December 2004.
In my 'inauguration' speech, I spoke about, you will be judged on what you build, not what you destroy.
the President's 'inauguration'
Australian senator rejects invite to Trump inauguration
'Make America Great Again' to be Trump's inauguration ceremony theme
Indian American DJ to perform at Trump's inauguration
'Ahead of Trump's 'terrible inauguration,' celebrated American poet finds 'heaven' in Jaipur
Ahead of Trump's 'terrible inauguration', celebrated American poet finds 'heaven' in Jaipur
Trump joined by wife Melania at pre-inauguration dinner
Indian American DJ performs at Trump's inauguration concert
Over 100 Indian-Americans celebrate Trump's inauguration
Over 30 mn viewers watched Trump's inauguration
Melania Trump's approval rating soars since inauguration: Poll
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