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plumes of incandescent liquid rock
emitting light as a result of being heated.
Mravinsky's incandescent performance of Siegfried's Funeral March
passionate or brilliant.
translation of 'incandescent'
चमकने वाला,
I swung from blind happiness to almost 'incandescent' , unfocused rage within a second, almost before I had a chance to think about it.
The principals are all effective in their roles, but the key to the film's success is Dorothy Dandridge's 'incandescent' performance as Carmen.
Certainly the energy of Redgrave's performance for Welles is 'incandescent' with the uncoiling of the character.
I was 'incandescent' with rage at the thought that someone I considered a friend (albeit a slightly flaky one) would be so thoughtless.
He stared into that liquid, 'incandescent' heart, and then flinched, despite all he could do, as a huge, fan-shaped billow of flame and sparks erupted from another vast piece of machinery.
This is because light from an 'incandescent' source is rich in the yellow and red end of the color spectrum.
They are simply 'incandescent' with rage that while the working classes unionists may have had little, at least they had more than the Catholics.
Consistently in almost every item, notably in Schubert's Unfinished, Brahms's Second or Bruckner's Eighth Symphonies, there is an 'incandescent' glow that has one magnetised.
Fireflies may not mate normally near 'incandescent' light because it mimics the spectrum they create when they light up.
He was 'incandescent' with rage.
At only 23 watts, the bulb emits as much illumination as a 100-watt 'incandescent' bulb, making it energy efficient as it neutralizes smoke and odors.
This was David as he had never seen him, practically 'incandescent' with rage.
A senior party source said: ‘People are outraged and 'incandescent' with rage.’
The 'incandescent' inside gleamed and sparkled.
Jack, until now delighted with what was on the way in his pay packet at the end of the month, was suddenly 'incandescent' with rage.
Marshall gives an 'incandescent' performance vocally and dramatically as a woman desperately trying to hold on to her sanity in a world gone mad.
Surely you may say, the Earth is almost wholly rock and nearly all 'incandescent' with heat.
They would probably drive a hybrid car and use an LED light instead of an 'incandescent' one.
To get me 'incandescent' with rage, it usually just takes New Yorkers and a confined space.
Amid all this excitement one of the goons rode off on Andrew's bike. To say Andrew was 'incandescent' with rage would not be overstating it, but he managed to compose himself enough to get into the car.
It was at this moment that Brownlow's agent appeared, an hour too late, with inadequate support, and 'incandescent' with rage.
He was thinking about the spectrum of hydrogen, that is to say the set of separated coloured lines that are found when light from the 'incandescent' gas is split up by being passed through a prism.
The difference in turn-on time would generally not be noticeable for standard household 'incandescent' bulbs, since they turn on very quickly.
Pulses of bright crimson light began to melt a passage through, and the bright shots of 'incandescent' light blasted through the accumulated ice of aeons.
For example, a 60-watt 'incandescent' bulb has very little blue/purple in the spectrum of the light it emits.
Even on cloudy days, a tubular skylight can provide at least as much light as a 100-watt 'incandescent' bulb - about 1,200 lumens.
The combination of fluorescent and 'incandescent' lamps was intended to simulate ambient solar radiation.
These hurricane force blasts of 'incandescent' gas, molten lava fragments, and blocks and boulders sometimes as large as houses have the power to obliterate everything in their paths.
The biggest impacts would have swathed our globe in 'incandescent' rock vapor, boiling the oceans dry and sterilizing the surface worldwide.
Wildfire and Firecat barreled through the thick smoke, their laser rifles blazing an 'incandescent' firestorm through the smoke.
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