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John was a scientist by training and inclination
a person's natural tendency or urge to act or feel in a particular way; a disposition or propensity.
changes in inclination of the line on the graph
a slope or slant.
translation of 'inclination'
Most people don't have the time or 'inclination' to evaluate everything they are told.
The higher coercivity component has a 'inclination' that is steeper than expected and a NW declination.
From that ellipse one can, in principle, determine the 'inclination' of the planet's orbital plane.
For example, at each location on the globe, the geomagnetic field lines intersect the Earth's surface at a specific angle of 'inclination' .
This component has both reversed and normal polarity, with an average declination of 320 and an 'inclination' of -13 deg.
the questioner's 'inclination' of his head
John was a scientist by training and 'inclination'
Vicinal faces are typically only hundredths of one degree in 'inclination' from the main crystal face on which they form.
John was a scientist by training and 'inclination'
‘Some scientists believe that the monarchs sense the 'inclination' of the earth by the changing autumn light,’ he says.
cometary orbits vary widely in 'inclination'
A slight 'inclination' of Roxy's head indicated to Helen that she knew about her estrangement from Tim.
Dichroic ratios R, order parameter S, and 'inclination' angle between membrane plans and diglucosamine ring plane.
Still, he is a bit raw and immature, and he showed no 'inclination' to complete college.
We also recorded terrain 'inclination' angle, observer distance, time of day, date and year.
The first design trend we examine here is in the orientation of the pectoral fin base, defined externally as the angle of 'inclination' of the insertion of the pectoral fin on the body.
The most plausible conclusion is that the 'inclination' of Jupiter's axis is automatically changing, as we know the Earth's has often done.
changes in 'inclination' of the line on the graph
He also hypothesized that the Mid-Paleogene cooling resulted from a sudden shift in the angle of 'inclination' of the Earth's axis of rotation.
He's based this idea on a study of the angle, or 'inclination' , of asteroid orbits.
Burger King and Wendy's didn't show any 'inclination' to jump into a price war with McDonald's
The great diversity of plants in the formation is due to local variation in soil conditions, topography, slope 'inclination' and resultant microclimates.
One of his more obvious characteristics is his 'inclination' towards exaggeration.
The orbit plane 'inclination' is from 55 to 60 degrees, which gives good coverage of latitudes up to 75 degrees north.
Because of the Mercury's high orbital 'inclination' , it can be seen crossing the disk of the sun only rarely.
What I certainly don't feel is guilty about the fact that I have no 'inclination' to watch.
First, the relative 'inclination' of the two orbits means their paths do not intersect.
the questioner's 'inclination' of his head
The various publics, having other interests or no 'inclination' toward foreign matters short of war, tended toward apathy.
Slope 'inclination' and aspect were recorded at several locations within each stand.
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